TOOTH FRAGMENT REATTACHMENT: An Aesthetic Alternative – A Case Report

TOOTH FRAGMENT REATTACHMENT: An Aesthetic Alternative- A Case Report

Pradnya V. Bansode and Vidya M. Patil

Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, GDCH, Aurangabad, MUHS, Maharashtra, India

American Journal of Geographical Research and Reviews

Maxillary anterior teeth are the most affected teeth from dental trauma. The immediate reattachment of natural tooth fragment is a good alternative option as an emergency treatment for remaining aesthetical and functional problem. This treatment offers a conservative, aesthetic, and cost effective restorative option that has been shown to be an acceptable alternative to the restoration of the fractured area with composite resin or crown. In this case report we presents a clinical technique of reattachment of coronal fragment of maxillary central & lateral incisor after trauma using glass fibre – reinforced composite post systems.

Keywords: TOOTH FRAGMENT REATTACHMENT, Aesthetic Alternative,  Case Report

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Pradnya V. Bansode and Vidya M. Patil. TOOTH FRAGMENT REATTACHMENT: An Aesthetic Alternative- A Case Report. International Journal of Dental Research and Reviews, 2019, 2:25


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