Amanda Madalena de Azevedo Fernandes, Dryele Cavalcanti Santa Cruz, Isabella Brito Gil Barros, Nicole Nunes Viana, Yara Siqueira Nascimento Melo, Mônica Soares de Albuquerque

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil.

American Journal of Geographical Research and Reviews

Introduction: Rett syndrome (RS) consists in a neurological severe disorder caused by a mutation in the X chromosome, mainly on the MECP2 gene, affecting the neuropsychomotor development. It is known too that the disease manifests, with higher indices in the female gender.
Objective: This work is designed to present, through a review of the literature, the general aspects about the Rett syndrome and their principal implications in the dentistry.
Methodology: In the present study was conducted a review of the literature with the clearance of information on the following database: Scielo, Periódicos CAPES and Google Acadêmico. There were selected eleven articles, six of these articles were review of literature and the others five were cases report.
Results: Besides the genetic linkage of the syndrome, there are factors which aggravate demonstrations on individual’s overall health, mainly lack of adequate dental care’s monitoring.
Conclusion: It is very important the frequency of dentistry ambulatory and clinical care to the patient with the syndrome, with the objective of promoting an oral health and prevent grievances to the general health, providing a better quality of life to this patients.

Keywords: rett syndrome, rare diseases, neuropsychomotor.

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Amanda Madalena de Azevedo Fernandes, Dryele Cavalcanti Santa Cruz, Isabella Brito Gil Barros, Nicole Nunes Viana, Yara Siqueira Nascimento Melo, Mônica Soares de Albuquerque. RETT SYNDROME AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR DENTAL TREATAMENTS . International Journal of Dental Research and Reviews, 2019, 2:27.


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