Sanjeev Datana1, SK Bhandari2, Shiv Shankar Agarwal3, NK Sahoo4

1Associate Professor, Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, Armed forces medical college, Pune, India; 2Professor, Department of Oral & Maxillofcial Surgery, Armed forces medical college, Pune, India; 3Assistant Professor, Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, Armed forces medical college, Pune, India; 4Professor, Department of Oral & Maxillofcial Surgery, Armed forces medical college, Pune, India

American Journal of Geographical Research and Reviews

The prevalence of cleft lip and palate is 1.09 per thousand in India; secondary alveolar grafting is an integral part of treatment planning for patients with cleft lip and palate. Post operative assessment of the outcome of the grafting procedure is required to be evaluated early as the age for secondary alveolar grafting is limited. Although there are various methods documented in the literature to evaluate the success/failure of graft, commonly employed method is radiographic assessment. Present article summarize the various scales/methods used for assessing the outcome of grafting procedure using different radiographs.

Keywords: Cleft lip & palate, Secondary alveolar grafting, CBCT, IOPA

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Sanjeev Datana, SK Bhandari, Shiv Shankar Agarwal, NK Sahoo. RADIOGRAPHIC ASSESSMENT OF ALVEOLAR BONE GRAFT IN PATIENTS WITH CLEFT LIP AND PALATE: A REVIEW. International Journal of Dental Research and Reviews, 2020, 3:31


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