A new approach to root debridement: millimeter and furcation specific periodontal files

A new approach to root debridement: millimeter and furcation specific periodontal files

Henriques, PSG1; Azevedo CL2

1São Leopoldo Mandic, Institute and Dental Research Center, Campinas, SP Brazil. Professor Head of Department; 2University of São Paulo, Preventive Dentistry, São Paulo, Brazil. Master Degree Student

The most commonly used procedure for root surface debridement is mechanical scaling and root planing using hand instruments. Periodontal files are used as a part of treatment introduced in subgingivally pockets. The difficult lies in stablishing an analogy of this depth measurement to the probe by a PCP 12 and the corresponding input of this files at the same distance. The authors present new files, similar to Hirschfeld, have been modified with external marking at 12mm, allowing the Periodontist this analogy, and facilitating the process.
On the other hand a specific small diameter PHenriques 6 and PHenriques 7 files, to instrument more easily this complex region. Consist of a series of 3 blades, and its sharp edges in 270 degrees around the active tip, reaching the root trunk, fornix and neighbor´s surfaces. They are extremely useful especially in Class III involvement and sharpening in the same way as conventional files.

Keywords: Periodontal files; cementum decontamination; gingival health

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Henriques, PSG; Azevedo CL. A new approach to root debridement: millimeter and furcation specific periodontal files. International Journal of Dental Research and Reviews, 2021, 4:46. DOI: 10.28933/ijdrr-2021-02-2205


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