Case Report On Hemophilia

Case Report On Hemophilia

Priyanka.M* PharmD, Ch. Saidatta PharmD, Shambu Ramesh PharmD,

Department of pharmacy practice,Acharya and BM Reddy College Of Pharmacy, Soldevanhalli, Bangalore, Karnataka, Bangalore-560107.

 International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that results from congenital deficiency in a plasma coagulation protein. Hemophilia A is due to deficiency of factor VIII, whereas hemophilia B is due to factor IX deficiency. Hemophilia A & B are recessive X-linked diseases. In general, the disease affects only males, while females are carriers.This is a case of 86 year old male patient admitted in a medical ward with complaints of fever associated with chills and headache, burning micturition, hematuria since 15-20 days, patient also complaints of vomiting occasionally 4-5 times a day and generalized weakness since 1 month. Patient is a known case of hypertension since 5 years and on medication which is combination of amlodipine and atenolol. Patient is also a known case of hemophilia A diagnosed in childhood. Patient has a history of fall 10 years back since then he can’t walk. Patient was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, perisplenic abscess, urinary tract infection, bilateral knee effusion from respective lab data. During the course of treatment, physicians and other health care professionals were advised to avoid use of NSAIDs, aspirin, IM injections, cannulas and suggested the physician regarding the use of cryoprecipitates when necessary and to monitor factors level. During the course of treatment, physicians and other health care professionals were also informed about medication error in the prescription and advised to use suitable drugs for the management of anemia. Patient was referred to other hospital for further evaluation. The main goal in the treatment of hemophilia is to control and prevent bleeding episodes. Treatment response can be monitored through clinical parameters, such as cessation of bleeding and resolution of symptoms.

Keywords: Hemophilia, Bleeding, Cryoprecipitate, congenital deficiency, Factor VIII, Factor IX deficiency.

(This article has been withdrawn from International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy)

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Priyanka.M, Ch. Saidatta, Shambu Ramesh. CASE REPORT ON HEMOPHILIA. International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 2018,3:9.


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