Construction and Niche-fitness Evaluation of the Science and Technology Financial Ecosphere

Construction and Niche-fitness Evaluation of the Science and Technology Financial Ecosphere

Tian Miao1,* and Fei Wenni2

1School of Management, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China
2School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

International Journal of Industrial and Business Management

Firstly, based on the analysis of ecological theory, the paper defines the sci-tech financial ecosphere, which is the key way to achieve high quality economic development, can promote the integration and development of capital chain, innovation chain and industrial chain. And the model of sci-tech financial ecosphere that reveals its internal structure and operation pattern, is built on the basis of analyzing its elements. Then, the niche-fitness index system of sci-tech financial ecosphere is established from the ecological niche of the sci-tech finance ecological subject and the ecological environment. Niche-fitness evaluation model is used to evaluate the niche-fitness level of sci-tech financial ecosphere so as to measure the satisfaction degree of the actual resource conditions of sci-tech financial ecosphere to the high quality of economic development. Finally, the paper selects Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen as empirical research objects to evaluate the niche-fitness of sci-tech financial ecosphere during the period of 2010-2017, and puts forward some suggestions.

Keywords: sci-tech financial ecosphere; high quality economic development; niche-fitness; evaluation

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Tian Miao and Fei Wenni. Construction and Niche-fitness Evaluation of the Science and Technology Financial Ecosphere. International Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 2019; 3:13. DOI: 10.28933/ijibm-2019-04-2005


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