Enhancing the liquid phase exfoliation of graphite in both aqueous and organic mixtures

Enhancing the liquid phase exfoliation of graphite in both aqueous and organic mixtures

a,* M.P. Lavin-Lopez, a J.L. Valverde, a L.M. Dominguez-Delgado, a L. Sanchez-Silva and a A. Romero

a Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Avenida Camilo José Cela 12, Ciudad Real, Spain, 13071

International Research Journal of Materials Sciences and Applications

Two different solvent mixtures, aqueous and organic, were used in the graphite liquid phase exfoliation. These solvent mixtures were selected through a detailed study of Hansen Solubility Parameters. Different operational sonication parameters (sonication temperature, cycle, amplitude and time) were studied in order to analyze their influence over the exfoliation process. Exfoliated graphite obtained after different sonication conditions were further characterized by RAMAN spectroscopy and thermogravimetric techniques. Obtained results showed that, among all the studied sonication parameters, time is the most important one due to its influence over characteristics of the final exfoliated product. Thus, it was evidenced the defect formation at higher sonication times, being dominant the growth of bulk defects in the structure of exfoliated samples at sonication times superior to 5 hours. As consequence, a careful tuning of the sonication parameters is necessary in order to obtain exfoliated samples with low disorder.

Keywords: Graphite, exfoliation, Hansen Solubility Parameters, aqueous solvents, organic solvent

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M.P. Lavin-Lopez et al., ENHANCING THE LIQUID PHASE EXFOLIATION OF GRAPHITE IN BOTH AQUEOUS AND ORGANIC MIXTURES.. International Research Journal of Materials Sciences and Applications, 2017; 1:5. DOI:10.28933/ijmsa-2017-06-0901


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