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international Journal of Natural Science1

Since a wide warm surface current, permanently flowing northeast off California, has been documented with all the available data that could be found plus helping to organize the collection of a new set of observations has happened, a search was carried out for a similar circulation feature in other oceans. Very likely there exists a wide warm surface current in the South Pacific moving southeast from the middle of the ocean and impinging on the coast of South America. In the South Atlantic a wide warm surface current appears to go south in the western half of the basin. Contained in the North Atlantic is “the large volume of warm water outside the Gulf Stream drifting north”, which was first described by Maury and confirmed recently by newer measurements. A puzzling SST observation in the northwest Indian Ocean, that in a given year two summers and two winters occur, is explained by a hypothesis that is a bit more complicated than shown by the surface currents in the other oceans. For confirmation more surface and near surface measurements are needed.

Keywords: Wide Warm Surface, Most Oceans

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Kern E. Kenyon WIDE WARM SURFACE CURRENTS IN MOST OCEANS. International Journal of Natural Science and Reviews, 2017; 1:2.


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