Electric Vehicle Intelligent Service Cloud Platform

Electric Vehicle Intelligent Service Cloud Platform

Peijun Jiang, Yiqian Gao, Ao Luo

School of Electrical and New Energy, China Three Gorges University 43002, China

international Journal of Natural Science1

In recent years, electric vehicles have developed rapidly around the world. A series of research and services for electric vehicles are also rapidly developing. Faced with the broad market demand, Yichang Ju Calling Company launched the intelligent charging and switching service cloud platform “Gathering”.
Based on technologies such as Internet of Things, Internet, and big data analysis, the solution builds an intelligent vehicle cloud platform for electric vehicles. The intelligent cloud platform has an electric vehicle charging and reloading reservation, a next destination navigation charging and switching plan, and a private charging pile sharing. Charging pile inquiry and reservation, fee settlement, user community communication and other functions make the electric vehicle charging service platform more intelligent and convenient. At the same time, as a bridge between electric vehicles and charging stations, “Gathering” can combine the real-time electricity price, the degree of traffic congestion, the use of charging piles and the load of the power grid to plan more efficient and convenient charging suggestions for users. Make full use of power resources to reduce the load and cost of the grid.

Keywords: Electric vehicle; Charging pile; Internet of things intelligent service

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Peijun Jiang, Yiqian Gao, Ao Luo. Electric Vehicle Intelligent Service Cloud Platform. International Journal of Natural Science and Reviews, 2019; 4:10. DOI:10.28933/ijnsr-2019-06-2005


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