Design and realization of fault simulation software for cooling water system of marine diesel engine

Design and realization of fault simulation software for cooling water system of marine diesel engine

LI Bao-yue, JIANG Guo-he, CHEN Bi-we

Merchant Maritime College, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai 201306, China

international Journal of Natural Science1

Aiming at the problems of high training cost and high safety risk in the training of marine diesel engine cooling water system operators, a mathematical model is established based on the technical parameters, working conditions and measured data of MTU20V956TB92 marine diesel engine cooling water system. The simulation software of diesel engine cooling water system faults is developed by using Visual Studio 2012 platform, which realizes from mathematical model to code. Conversion to simulate the working state of ship cooling water system in normal operation and failure. The results show that the system can accurately simulate the normal operation and fault state of the cooling water system, and improve the actual ability of the trainers to respond to the fault of the ship cooling water system.

Keywords: Marine diesel engine; Cooling water system; Fault simulation

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LI Bao-yue, JIANG Guo-he, CHEN Bi-wen. Design and realization of fault simulation software for cooling water system of marine diesel engine. International Journal of Natural Science and Reviews, 2019; 4:11. DOI:10.28933/ijnsr-2019-08-1506


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