Derailing National Consciousness

Derailing National Consciousness- How Herbert Hope Risley Crafted the Ideology of Subjugation Through ‘Pseudo Science’

Agney G K1, P.S Pratheep2

1Research Scholar (PhD), Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India;2Associate Professor and Head, P G Department of History, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India

International Journal of social research

The paper concentrates on how H H Risley crafted the discipline of Anthropology and the tools of Craniometry and Anthropometry to toe the line of Pseudo Science in an effort to wreck the headway of nationalism in India by disturbing the fabric of the colonial society. The work also remembers the role played by the colonial state apparatus, in general, and Risley, in particular, in cementing the notions of correlation between Race and Caste and composing caste as a stagnant category with no hope of upward mobility. The article also credits Risley and the colonial census for the establishment of caste as a socio-political and cultural reality in today’s India.

Keywords:  Derailing National Consciousness

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 Agney G K, P.S Pratheep.Derailing National Consciousness- How Herbert Hope Risley Crafted the Ideology of Subjugation Through ‘Pseudo Science’. International Journal of Social Research, 2018; 2:22.


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