An Analysis of The Traditions of Origin of Ughoton: the Seaport of Old Benin Kingdom

An Analysis of The Traditions of Origin of Ughoton: the Seaport of Old Benin Kingdom

Dr. Ediagbonya Michael

Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria Faculty Of Arts, Department Of History And International Studies

International Journal of Trade and Policy

This paper wholistically examines the issues relating to the origin of Ughoton in the earliest times. It analyses the political anxiety, crises, conflicts misrule, anarchy which characterised the reign of Ogiso Owodo. It assesses the circumstances surrounding the birth of Prince Ekaladerhan, and his banishment. It discusses the role of oracle in Benin traditional institutions. Finally the paper also examines how Ughoton was founded in the eleventh century. The researcher obtained data from primary and secondary sources. Archival materials and oral interview constituted the primary sources while the secondary sources were books, newspapers, articles, theses and dissertations. It was found that the manipulation of the oracle’s divinations was a factor in the foundation of Ughoton. It was also found that from the numerous wives of Ogiso Owodo, only Imade gave birth to a child Prince Ekaladerhan. Prince Ekaladerham was banished and he eventually founded Ughoton in the eleventh century.

Keywords: Origin, Analysis, Divination, Banishment and Founding

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Ediagbonya Michael. An Analysis of The Traditions of Origin of Ughoton: the Seaport of Old Benin Kingdom. International Journal of Trade and Policy, 2018,1:7.


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