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Acute renal attack after treatment with Carapa Procera oil: two cases at the Ziguinchor Peace Hospital (Senegal West Africa) and review of the literature

Case Report of International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Acute renal attack after treatment with Carapa Procera oil: two cases at the Ziguinchor Peace Hospital (Senegal West Africa) and review of the literature KANE Yaya1*, SECK Sidy Mohamed3, BA AW Mamadou2, DIAWARA Mame Selly4, LEMRABOTT A T2,  FAYE Maria2, FAYE Moustapha2, CISSE M Moustapha4, KA El Fary2, NIANG Abdou2, DIOUF Boucar2 1Nephrology Hemodialysis Service, Peace Hospital Assane Seck University of Ziguinchor; 2HALD UCAD Dakar hemodialysis nephrology service;3St Louis UGB CHR hemodialysis nephrology service;4CHR hemodialysis nephrology department of Thiès / University of Thiès We describe two cases of impaired secondary renal function to a Carapa Procera taking as part of traditional treatment in Ziguinchor, southern Senegal. The certain or suspected toxicity of Carapa Procera is little known in the literature. In the two reported observations, no cause but the traditional treatment was found to explain the clinical picture presented. The development was favorable in all cases after medical treatment and a few hemodialysis sessions. we insist on the difficult context of investigation of these accidents, on the medical ignorance of these practices in sub-Saharan Africa and in Senegal in particular, as well as on the necessary collaboration with local botanists knowledgeable in traditional medicine. Keywords: Carapa procera, Kidney attack, Casamance ...

Regulatory Medicine In The Treatment Of Food Allergy

Case Report of International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Regulatory Medicine In The Treatment Of Food Allergy In Dog A Case Report Alena Micháľová DVM, Martina Takáčová DVM, Martina Karasová DVM, Assoc. Prof. Mária Fialkovičová DVM PhD. Department of Internal Diseases, Small Animal Clinic, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice, Slovakia Food allergy is defined as a pruritic dermatitis which is indicated by allergic reactions to food components. Due to its excessive incidence of clinical signs it is necessary to determine the correct diagnosis, provide sufficient control and long term management to achieve comfortable way of life for an animal. In case of very intensive pruritus there are usually used in common medicine glucocorticoids, antihistamincs and inhibitors of Janus kinase but there are also other alternatives such as bioresonance, homeopathy, phytotherapy, acupuncture, etc. that have also very beneficial and curative effect in case of food allergy. Diagnostics and therapy by bioresonance are alternative methods used in modern medicine that was discovered as a combination of quantum physics and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We can use it for various types of acute and chronic diseases without any invasive intervention into the body. There have been positive results in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies in dogs, which are nowadays constantly increased, and that have been one of the most common causes of dermatological and gastrointestinal diseases. Keywords: Food Allergy, Pruritus, Regulatory Medicine, Bioresonance, Homeopathy ...

Erythropoietic and hepatocurative profile of Yoyo Bitters® – A pilot study

Research Article of International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Erythropoietic and hepatocurative profile of Yoyo Bitters® - A pilot study Innocent U. Okagu1., Chinelo C. Nkwocha1., Adaeze Obi1., Nkiruka C. Ugochukwu1., Chukwudi Odo1., Christian C. Chibuogwu2*., Joseph C. Ndefo3., Victor N. Ogugua1., Sabinus I. Ofoefule2. and Benjamin C. Ozumba4 1Department of Biochemistry, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria. 2Institute for Drug-Herbal Medicine-Excipient Research and Development, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.3Department of Science Laboratory Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.4Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. The present study evaluated the effects of a branded Nigerian polyherbal formulation, Yoyo® bitters on the haematological and biochemical status of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-intoxicated rats. Thirty (30) healthy male Wistar rats used in this study were divided into 6 groups of 5 rats each. Group 1 served as normal control and received 3 ml/kg body weight (b.w.). of distilled water only while group 2 served as experimental control and was intoxicated with H2O2 without treatment. Rats in groups 3-5 were H2O2-intoxicated and treated with 1, 2 and 3 ml/kg b.w. of Yoyo® bitters respectively while rats in group 6 were H2O2-intoxicated and treated 100 mg/kg. b.w. of silymarin. H2O2 was administered intraperitoneal on day 0 while drugs were orally administered from days 0 to 14. The rats were sacrificed on day 15 and blood samples collected were subjected to haematological and biochemical analyses. Intoxication with H2O2 significantly (p < 0.05) induced haematotoxicity, oxidative stress and hepatotoxicity when compared with control. Treatment of intoxicated rats with the formulation restored the haematological and biochemical status to normal, suggesting that Yoyo® bitters has erythropoietic and hepatocurative effects. However, future studies are required to confirm these effects in different in vivo models. Keywords: Yoyo® bitters, hepatocurative, haematology, ...

Azaraqi (Strychnos nux-vomica L.) herb for nervous and musclos-keletol system

Review Article of International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Azaraqi (Strychnos nux-vomica L.) herb for nervous and musclos-keletol system *Shabnam Anjum Ara1, Mohd. Urooj2, Gulam Mohammed Husain2, Uzma Viquar3, Muskula Anudeep Reddy4, Munawwar Husain Kazmi5 Department of Pharmacology, Central Research Institute of Unani Medicine Hyderabad 500038, Telangana, India Nature has always been a giver, bearing rich heritage of natural products which arebeing utilized by mankind since their existence. Azaraqi (Strychnos nux-vomicaL.) is a potential herb used for the treatment of various neuronal illness, muscloskeletol and joint disorders. This comes under category IV of drugs as per Unani literature which needs to be detoxified prior to clinical use.The healing properties of Azaraqi (Strychnos nux-vomicaL.) are substantially those of the alkaloids strychnine and brucine, which are considered toxic.The perception of lesser side effects of herbal formulation among the people especially in developing countries raised the market of treatment by natural products. However, there is need to put forward the scientific evidence of these formulation regarding toxicity as well as efficacy as then only evidence based medicine would only be able to make position in globalized world as an alternative of conventional treatment available. This review article will discuss the potential pharmacological actions; toxicity developed due to Azaraqiresulted out in different preclinical and clinical studies. The authors will try to make a suggestion for future based on finding of these studies. Keywords: Herbal drug, Azaraqi, strychnine, brucine ...

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