Competence Training and Incentives Medical Services Support the Achievement of Nurses’ Performances in General Hospital of Prof. W. Z. Johannes Kupang

Competence Training and Incentives Medical Services Support the Achievement of Nurses’ Performances in General Hospital of Prof. W. Z. Johannes Kupang

Frans Salesman1 and Thresia Bayo2

1Institute of Health Sciences Citra Husada Mandiri Kupang-East Nusa Tenggara;
2Nusa Cendana University Kupang-East Nusa Tenggara

Background.Nurse gives professional nursing service to patients according to competence owned. Based on these services in the end of every year, nurses are given incentives for medical services as financial incentive. Purpose. To analyze the impact of competence training and incentives medical services’ distribution upon the achievement of nurse’s performances in General Hospital of Prof.W.Z. Johannes Kupang. Matterial and method. Observational survey research with cross sectional design. Population. Nurses in General Hospital of Prof.W. Z. Johannes Kupang. Technique. Total sampling technique with number of samples 183 respondents. Inclusive criteria of samples are willing to be interviewed, nurse’s status, permanent offices without limitation from particular working unit or poly in hospital. Independent variable: (1) competence training; (2) Incentives for medical services. Dependent variable; Nurse’s performance achievement. Variables are measured by using Lickert scale. Information are recorded through questionnaire. Analyzes using linier regression. Result. There are impacts of competence training (α=.000;ß=.489)and distribution of incentives for medical services(α=.012; ß=.152)upon nurse’s performances achievement in General Hospital of Prof.W. Z. Johannes Kupang. Conclusion.The training of nursing service status that could increase competences among nurse with affair incentives for medical services’ distribution simultaneously end up in the increasing of nurse’s performances achievement in a hospital

Keywords: Training; competence; incentives; management; performance.

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Frans Salesman and Thresia Bayo.Competence Training and Incentives Medical Services Support the Achievement of Nurses’ Performances in General Hospital of Prof. W. Z. Johannes Kupang.International Research Journal of Public Health, 2018; 2:15. DOI:10.28933/irjph-2018-09-0301


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