Assessment of Good governance in Decentralized city Administration: Case of Mekelle Municipality

Assessment of Good governance in Decentralized city Administration: Case of Mekelle Municipality

Fitsum Abrha
Mekelle University, College of Business and Economics, Department of Management

Journal of Modern Economy

This study was conducted to assess good governance practice by taking the variables responsiveness and transparency among the other good governance manifestations. For this rationale, the land administration and urban planning and development offices were purposively selected. Provision of effective, efficient and quality service to the constituents is manifestation of improving good governance practice. So, there is a need to ensure good governance practice in the realm of service provision in the offices of land administration and urban planning and development. The general objective of the study is to assess the practice of good governance in Mekelle city administration. Accordingly, transparency and responsiveness which are the main indicators of good governance had used to assess the governance situation in the public institutions’ of land administration and urban planning and development offices. The study used 153 purposely selected sample respondents from the selected sub cities that are Ayder and Hawelti sub cities and both qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques were used accordingly. In order to gather the necessary data from the sample respondents, Questionnaire and interview were used data collection tools. In this regard descriptive statistics was employed to analyze the data obtained via questionnaire. The findings of the study show that there is lack of accessibility of information, limited Capacity (competence) of the offices and human power, discrimination, corruption and rent seeking behavior from the bureaucrats, delay of decisions, material and human resource, low level of skill and knowledge, lack of openness and low satisfaction from the constituents’, dishonesty, low level of motivation and commitment irresponsiveness are considered the main hindrances’ of good governance in the city administration in general and the selected public institutions in particular. So, transparency and responsiveness had compromised in the land administration and urban planning and development offices which are the most indicators of good governance. Therefore, there should be more and deeper inquiry.

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Fitsum Abrha. Assessment of Good governance in Decentralized city Administration: Case of Mekelle Municipality. Journal of Modern Economy, 2018,1:2. DOI:10.28933/jme-2018-01-0801

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