Lead Developer Angular and Effect of Force by Side Chain of Suicide Molecule in HIV AIDS Drug Discovery

Lead Developer Angular and Effect of Force by Side Chain of Suicide Molecule in HIV AIDS Drug Discovery

Rahul Hajare

Post Doc Fellow (Batch 2013-2015) Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi

Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews

Angular to lead (A2L) accepted as lead generation has stage in early drug discovery where small molecule hits from a high throughput screen (HTS) has evaluated and undergo limited optimization to identify promising lead compounds. These lead compounds undergo more extensive optimization in a subsequent step of drug discovery. Angular imagination → Target validation (TV) → assay development → high-throughput screening → hit to lead (H2L) → lead optimization (LO) → preclinical drug development → clinical drug development.

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Rahul Hajare.Lead Developer Angular and Effect of Force by Side Chain of Suicide Molecule in HIV AIDS Drug Discovery. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews, 2018; 2:18.


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