Development Status of China’s Consumer Finance Companies

Research on Development Status of China’s Consumer Finance Companies

Yongying Liu

Tianjin University of Commerce

Journal of Theoretical and applied Economics LOGO

The chapter I of this article elaborates the background and significance of the topic research, sorts out the domestic and foreign scholars’ research on consumer finance companies. Chapter 2 first introduced the concept, characteristics, supply and demand of consumer finance. The third chapter analyzes the development status of China’s consumer finance companies, and finds that the number of consumer finance companies has developed rapidly, and the profitability level is high; the products have been continuously upgraded and marketing channels are abundant; the business-driven model has been driven from the fund to the scene-driven and technology-driven. Afterwards, the BOC Consumer Finance Corporation was used as a typical domestic case for in-depth analysis. Chapter 4 concludes the problems encountered by China’s consumer finance companies in the development process. The fifth chapter proposes the following countermeasures based on the development of China’s consumer finance companies: changing consumer attitudes; broadening financing channels, increasing tax incentives, training financial and scientific talents, and improving the social credit system.

Keywords: Consumer finance company; Consumer credit; Development model


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Yongying Liu. Research on Development Status of China’s Consumer Finance Companies.Journal of Theoretical and Applied Economics, 2018, 2: 2. DOI:10.28933/jtae-2018-03-2801


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