STOPFUMO: a tool to combat smoking

STOPFUMO: a tool to combat smoking

Santos H.N.F.L1, Costa G.S2, Silva J.A3, Barreto J.B.G4, Lima I.A5, Araújo H.V.S.6

1,2,3,4,5Estudante do Curso de Enfermagem. Faculdade de Enfermagem Nossa Senhora das Graças-Universidade de Pernambuco. Recife-PE-Brasil. 6Enfermeira Mestranda em Enfermagem pelo Programa Associado de Pós-Graduação UPE/UEPB, Recife-PE-Brasil.

Journal of Theoretical and Applied sciences

Introduction: The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has been a tool increasingly used by health professionals strengthening the construction of knowledge, helping in the accomplishment of technical procedures and development of skills. The construction of quick consultation applications helps the individual who will use it, remove their doubts and, in the case of patients, assist them in their treatment. Objective: To build a health application to help combat smoking. Methodology: This is the construction of a health application with a focus on smoking. An integrative literature review was carried out to build the theoretical basis, using the BVS and Scielo health libraries, and the Lilacs database. For the construction of the application was used the Thunkable tool available online and for free. Discussion: Developed through the Thunkable platform, the application seeks to interactively encourage the user of the smoke to drop the addiction gradually. It allows knowing the exact time that has passed since the person made the decision to abandon the habit, how much money has saved and what are the repercussions in his body, with indicators based on the World Health Organization (WHO) on the process of health improvement. It also allows a network of users to exchange information and one helps the other by talking to each other through the chat. You are still able to indicate a nearer psychological support center if that is your need. Conclusion: With application development, users are expected to be able to find a 24-hour incentive within their reach, assisting in the smoking cessation process, as well as providing information on the benefits of the decision taken by them, control their own challenges and see their achievements.

Keywords:   smoking; health technology; prevention

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Santos H.N.F.L, Costa G.S, Silva J.A, Barreto J.B.G, Lima I.A, Araújo H.V.S.STOPFUMO: a tool to combat smoking.Journal of Theoretical and Applied Sciences, 2018, 1:1. DOI:10.28933/jtas-2018-06-1801

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