Sodikova Bakhtigul Ibodullayevna

Department of Interfaculty, Termez branch of Tashkent state Pedagogical University named after Nizami , Uzbekistan

Journal of Theoretical and Applied sciences

The term of postmodernism suggests that the period came after modernism (since the 70-90ss of the 20th century). Postmodern texts are marked by the mixture of times, cultures, languages, real facts and fiction, the present and the past. Postmodern literature is presented by such key figures in English literature as John Fowels , Julian Barns, Doris Lessing, A.S. Byatt, Peter Ackroyd, G. Swift, etc. Out of them we have chosen John Fowels’ novels because of his originality, versatility and skill were nowhere more evident than in his most celebrated novels, among them “The Collector,” “The Magus” and “«The French Lieutenant’s Woman».” In “«The French Lieutenant’s Woman»,” for example, he combined the melodrama of a 19th-century Victorian novel with the sensibility of a 20th-century postmodern narrator, offering his readers two alternative endings from which to choose and at one point boldly inserting himself into the book as a character who accompanies the hero on a train to London. His teasing, multilayered fiction explored the tensions between free will and the constraints of society, even as it played with traditional novelistic conventions and challenged readers to find their own interpretations.

Keywords: postmodern literature , the Collector , Hero, fiction, autobiographical , nonfiction

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