Conventional and Molecular Diagnostic Tools for Genital Tuberculosis

Comparative Study on Conventional and Molecular Diagnostic Tools for Genital Tuberculosis Correlating with Infertility in Indian Women

Gargi Kumari1,2, Amit Mani Tiwari1, Divya Goel2 and Sanjay Mishra1,*

1Department of Biotechnology, IFTM University, Lodhipur Rajput, Delhi Road (NH 24), Moradabad 244102, UP, India;

2 Department of Clinical Biochemistry & Pathology, Sri Sai Hospital, Delhi Road, Near Loco Shed Bridge, Moradabad 244 001, U.P., India

Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the etiological agent for tuberculosis, has been comprehensively studied for over a century now. But the disease still remains a major public health concern today in the 21st century. The precised and authenticated diagnosis is mandatorily pre-requisite to proper medication and cure of tuberculosis that specifically interferes and thus complicating physiological and biochemical mechanism of setting pregnancy in Indian women ranging between the age of 18-40 years. Various combinations of conventional and modern diagnostic tools were considered and monitored for the best possible option. Data obtained from the present study provides new insights into PCR with modified and advanced protocol likely to be competent as a novel molecular diagnostic technique for rapid and précised diagnosis of genital tuberculosis causing infertility in developing countries.

Keywords:  Amenorrhea, Endoscopy–laparoscopy, Genital tuberculosis, Hysteroscopy, Menorrhagia, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Oligomenorrhea, PCR

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Gargi Kumari, Amit Mani Tiwari, Divya Goel and Sanjay Mishra. Comparative Study on Conventional and Molecular Diagnostic Tools for Genital Tuberculosis Correlating with Infertility in Indian Women. American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays, 2016,1:1. DOI:10.28933/kumari-ajsre-201601

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