The Drug Efficacy Indices [Q(VPK)] of certain Ayurvedic Cardiac Formulations

Computation and Comparison of The Drug Efficacy Indices [Q(VPK)] of certain Ayurvedic Cardiac Formulations

Abhilash Mullasseril

JHMR-CODEMullasseril, Veliyanad POST., Ernakulam DIST., Kerala-682 313.

This paper aims to compute and predict the efficacies of certain cardiac formulations based on the traditional Ayurveda philosophy as explained in the basic texts using effective introduction of Artificial Intelligence to this field. Various cardiac formulations not only classical but also proprietary were selected for the studies. The efficacies of these medicines cannot be viewed and calculated on the bases of modern medical technologies and cannot explained on the bases of modern terminologies due to the lack of clinical studies. For the computation of drug efficacies earlier reported computational method developed based on the classical principles was used. Using the developed method efficacies were computed and categorized the formulations under study according to their therapeutic efficiency. The study showed the successful implementation of the reported computational method by computing and comparing the efficacies.

Keywords: Complimentary medicines, Ayurvedic Cardiac Formulations, Drug Efficacy Index [Q(VPK)], Computer Aided Drug Designing (CADD)

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