Living Style of Diabetic Patients Type 2

Living Style of Diabetic Patients Type 2

Gomes, K.K.L¹; Lima, A.A.F²

¹Enfermeira da Atenção Básica e Especialista em Saúde da Família;
²Psicóloga do NASF e Especialista em Saúde Mental e Dependência Química

Open Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Introduction: Due to the aging process, there are disabling chronic diseases that have gained greater evidence in the public health scenario. Among them is diabetes mellitus (DM), which is one of the most common chronic diseases among the elderly. Life style is an important determinant of glycemic control in type 2 diabetic patients. Objectives: To describe the lifestyle of type 2 diabetic patients treated at the Family Health Basic Unit III, in the city of Santa Cecília-PB. Methodology: Descriptive study, population composed of 55 diabetics, adults, type 2, data collected from a pre-structured interview. Results and Discussion: 56% female, 44% male, 29% have good eating habits, 8% practice regular physical exercises, 75% are overweight, 20% are medicated. The World Health Organization considers that the diet of the diabetic is one of the factors responsible for keeping the glycemic levels within desirable limits. The survey found that only 29% of those involved have a proper diet with a very low index. Many studies suggest that sedentarism favored by modern life is a risk factor as important as inadequate diet in the etiology of obesity and has a direct and positive relationship with the increased incidence of DM 2 in adults. The practice of physical exercise for people living with diabetes is very low. Only 8% reported regular exercise. Conclusion: It is important to emphasize that glycemic control depends, in addition to drug therapy, on changes in lifestyle. Since 90% of respondents said they had good adherence to drug treatment. It is necessary to implement strategies that seek to raise awareness about the importance of lifestyle change.

Keywords: Basic Attention; Diabetes Mellitus; Lifestyle

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Gomes, K.K.L; Lima, A.A.F. Living Style of Diabetic Patients Type.Open Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2018, 1:5. DOI:10.28933/ojgh-2018-05-1005

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