Colon Irrigation Bowel Preparation Supports Multiple Clinical Benefits in Over 8,000 Patients

Colon Irrigation Bowel Preparation Supports Multiple Clinical Benefits in Over 8,000 Patients

Chris Godell1, Robert Frachtman1, Christopher Peake1,2, Richard M. Sperling1, Benjamin D. Havemann1, John J. Ziebert1*

1Austin Gastroenterology, Austin, TX, USA. 2HCA Healthcare, Austin, TX, USA.

This retrospective clinical study evaluates an FDA-cleared high-volume colon irrigation bowel prep (BP) for colonoscopy, performed under standard operating procedures with Austin Gastroenterology (AG, Austin, TX). Patient related outcomes in 8,364 procedures, prescribed by 33 physicians in 4.5 years, demonstrated no serious adverse events and excellent satisfaction rates. The high level of adequacy using this BP far exceeds national benchmarking thresholds for adequate colon preparations. Adequacy rates remain high even when considering poor BP risk factors and patient noncompliance with ancillary pre-preparation regimens. Our analysis demonstrates that this colon irrigation BP has excellent Boston bowel preparation scores (BBPS), associated with high-level adenoma detection rates (ADR) and sessile serrated polyp (SSP) detection rates. ADR and SSP are inversely related to the patient’s post-colonoscopy interval colorectal cancer (CRC) risk, and are similarly related to an inadequate BP. Both modeling data and performance characteristics strongly suggest that this colon irrigation BP is highly safe, effective, and will reduce the costs and risks related to inadequate BP. This, accordingly, leads to significantly improved quality outcomes, savings to the healthcare systems, and a reduction of the patient’s burden.

Keywords: colonoscopy; colon preparation; colonoscopy quality; ADR; SSP; CRC

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Chris Godell, Robert Frachtman, Christopher Peake, Richard M. Sperling, Benjamin D. Havemann, John J. Ziebert. Colon Irrigation Bowel Preparation supports multiple clinical benefits in over 8,000 patients. Open Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2021; 4:48. DOI: 10.28933/ojgh-2021-02-1605


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