Review on Cyclodextrins/polymer Complexation: A Modern Approach

Review on Cyclodextrins/polymer Complexation: A Modern Approach

Nandkishor B. Shirsath

M.S.G. Arts, Science and Commerce College, Malegaon, Dist: Nashik-423 105

Scientific Research and Reviews

The numerous hydroxyl groups available in cyclodextrins are active sites that can form different types of linkages. They can be crosslinked to form linear or branched networks. Moreover, they can form inclusion complexes with polymers and different substrates, modifying their physicochemical properties. This review shows the different applications using polymers, drugs or any other guest with cyclodextrins, either by forming inclusion complexes, ternary complexes, and networks. A comprehensive literature survey was made collect the rightful utilization of cyclodextrins as complexing agents and permeation enhancers. Various techniques have been investigated to explain the methods for preparation of inclusion complexes. In the present review, an attempt was made to discuss various complexation techniques and tried to briefly highlight the potential applications, technical and economical limitations associated with these approaches.

Keywords: Cyclodextrin, Inclusion complexes, Complexation techniques, Applications.

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