Welcome Dr. ABDUL JALIL to Journal of Modern Economy

Professor of Economics  (Shakirullah Durrani Memorial Chair)
Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad, Pakistan

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. ABDUL JALIL to Join the Editorial Board of Journal of Modern Economy.

Academic Qualifications
PhD (Economics) Wuhan University (2009) [Principal Supervisor: Ying Ma
Thesis Title “The Effects of Financial Development on Economic Growth and Macroeconomic Fluctuations: A Comparative Study of China and Pakistan”
M.Phill (Economics) Quaid-i-Azam University (2002)
Principal Supervisor: Eatzaz Ahmed
Thesis Title “Estimates of Demand Functions for Composite Consumer Goods in Pakistan”

Fields of Interest
Applied Economics, Applied Econometrics, Dynamic Optimizations, Financial Sector Development, Economic Development, Energy Economics, Economic Growth, and Socio Economic Issues

List of Publications

1. Economic payoffs of Trust: An Empirical Investigation from Developing Countries Robust to Jackknife Coefficient Distribution Forthcoming in Social Research Indicators (2017) 131, 3, 1121–1144
2. Is Corruption Good or Bad for FDI? Empirical Evidence from Asia, Africa and Latin America in Panoeconomicus (2016) 63, 3, : 259-271
3. Military Expenditures and Economic Growth: Allowing Structural Breaks in Time Series Analysis in the Case of India and Pakistan in Quality and Quantity (2016) 50:1487–1505
4. Energy-Driven Economic Growth: Energy Consumption-Economic Growth Nexus Revisited for China Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 50, 5, 2014
5. “Growth Effects of Fiscal Decentralization: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Provinces” Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 50 (2014) 4, 176–195
6. Fiscal deficit and inflation: New evidences from Pakistan using a bounds testing approach. Economic Modelling 37 (2014) 120–126
7. “Energy-growth conundrum in energy exporting and importing countries: Evidence from heterogeneous panel methods robust to cross-sectional dependence” Energy Economics 44 (2014) 314–324
8. Tourism-growth nexus in Pakistan: Evidence from ARDL bounds tests. Economic Modelling 35 (2013) 185–191
9. “Modeling the impact of education on the economic growth: Evidence from aggregated and disaggregated time series data of Pakistan” Economic Modelling 31,383–388
10. Modeling income inequality and openness in the framework of Kuznets curve: New evidence from China in Economic Modelling 2012: 309–315
11. The Impact of growth, energy and Financial Development on the Environment in China: A cointegration analysis. Energy Economics 33, 284-291.
12. Long-run relationship between income inequality and financial development in China in Journal of the Asian Pacific Economy 16, 202–214.
13. Impact of Financial Development on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan. Journal of the Asian Pacific Economy 16, 71-80
14. Finance-growth nexus in China revisited: New evidence from principal components and ARDL bounds tests. International Review of Economic and Finance 19, 189-195
15. Stock Market and Investment in an Emerging Economy: The Case of Turkey Ekonomska Istrazivanja-Economic Research, 22(4), 17-29
16. Openness and Economic Growth in an Emerging Economy: The Case of Russia Ekonomska Istrazivanja-Economic Research, 22(2), 63-73
17. Environmental Kuznets Curve for CO2 Emissions: A Cointegration Analysis for China. Energy Policy 37, 5167-5172
18. Financial Development, Economic Growth and Adaptive Efficiency: A Comparison between China and Pakistan China & World Economy 16, 97-111
19. Real Exchange Rate Changes and the Trade Balance: The Evidence from Pakistan The International Trade Journal, 26:139–153,
20. Financial Development and GDP Volatility in China. Economics Notes 39, 27-41.
21. Explaining Exchange Rate Movements: An Application of the Market Microstructure Approach on the Pakistani Foreign Exchange Market Journal of Developing Areas 44, 55-65


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