Welcome Dr. Abdulai Iddrisu to American Journal of History and Culture.

Dr. Abdulai Iddrisu
Associate Professor
History/Africa and the African Diaspora, St. Olaf College, Minnesota, United States

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Abdulai Iddrisu to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of History and Culture.

Research and Special Interest:
– African History
– Islam in Africa
– Muslim Education
– Muslim Women and Herbal Medicine
– Woman in African History
– Islam and Developments in Africa
– Drum Histories
– Life Histories
– Digital Humanities

Courses taught at St. Olaf College:
– Hist 292: Muslim Societies in sub Saharan Africa
– Hist 189A: Women in African Africa
– Hist 295: Introduction to African History
– Hist 194: Global History Up to 1500
– Hist 195: Global History from 1500 to the present
– Hist 151: Slavery in African History
– AFAM 231: Africa and the Americas: Ties that Bind
– AFAM 298: Islam in the African American Experience (IR)
– Hist 298: The Making of South Africa (IR)
– Hist 398b: Christian Impact on the Sudan (IR)
– His 298A: Colonialism in India (IR)
– Hist 398 (A&B): Israeli/Palestinian History (IR)
– Hist 298: Primary Source Research in Mexico (IR)
– Hist 256: Slavery in West Africa: Ghana (Study Abroad in Ghana)
– Hist 298B: The Invention of Africa (IR)
– Hist 398B: New Media and the Making of South Africa (IR)
– Hist 298B: Themes in West African History.
– IS 392G: Senior Project- Language Policy and Colonialism in Africa
– Hist 289: Gender in Africa
– Hist 395: Oral History Seminar

Honors/awards, fellowships and grants
– SSRC-ACLS International Dissertation Research Fellowship [IDRF], Social Science Research Council, 2006
– University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Department of History fellowship, 2003/4
– University of Illinois at U-C Department of History research fellowship, 2008.
– Faculty Development Fund, St Olaf College, Summer 2012.

Professional membership
– African Studies Association (ASA)
– Africa Network, USA
– West African Research Association (WARA)
– Ghana Studies Council, USA
– Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa [CODESRIA]
– Historical Society of Ghana, Ghana


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