Welcome Dr. Abdulfattah Yaghi to International Journal of Industrial and Business Management

Dr. Abdulfattah Yaghi
Associate Professor
Public Administration, Human Resource Management, Leadership,
Public Policy & Governance, United Arab Emirates University

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Abdulfattah Yaghi to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Industrial and Business Management.

Abdulfattah Yaghi is an Associate Professor of public administration and public policy in the department of political science at the United Arab Emirates University. Since 2014, he is the Head of Public Policy Unit at the Center for Public Policy and Leadership (CPPL) at United Arab Emirates University. He teaches in the Master Program of Governance and Public Policy as well as in the undergraduate program. He teaches topics in local administration, research methods, public governance, budgeting, public policy, policy evaluation, and international political economy. Dr. Yaghi is the author of two books, “Public Policy: Theories and Applications” and “The Political System and Public Administration in the United States of America.” Dr. Yaghi published his research in: Journal of Human Resource Development Quarterly, International Journal of Public Administration, Nonprofit Management & Leadership, International Journal of Rural Administration, South Asian Journal of Management, Asian Journal of Management, Journal of Political Science Education, Arab Journal of Administrative Sciences, Journal of Public Affairs Education, Muslim Minorities Affairs, and Dirasat. Currently, Dr. Abdulfattah Yaghi is the Coordinator of Public Policy Unit at the UAEU Center for Public Policy & Leadership. He also serves as Editorial Board Member for “Horizons in Humanities and Social Sciences”, and for “International Journal of Management Sciences”.


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