Welcome Dr. Alexander Franco to Journal of Modern Economy.

Dr. Alexander Franco
Stamford International University

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Alexander Franco to Join the Editorial Board of Journal of Modern Economy.

Alexander Franco is a full-time lecturer at Stamford International University. He received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Columbia University in economics, a Master of Science (MS) in Accounting, with a minor in business administration, from Pace University, and a PhD in public administration with a specialization in political economy. Dr. Franco has been a teacher and corporate trainer for twenty years and has taught in the United States, Mexico, China, The Philippines, Thailand, and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He has received numerous awards for outstanding teaching.
Dr. Franco has written several books and many commissioned studies as well as scholarly journal articles. Prior to entering academia, he was an internal, external, and international auditor who conducted financial and operational audits on six continents in three languages. Dr. Franco’s research interests include political economy, international trade, and pedagogical innovations.


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