Welcome Dr. Bechor Zvi Aminoff to International Journal of Aging Research.

Dr. Bechor Zvi Aminoff
Geriatric Division, The Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Bechor Zvi Aminoff to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Aging Research.

In 1982 the Aminoff family emigrated from the USSR to Israel, where Dr. Bechor Zvi Aminoff specialized in Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology. He was the Chairman of the Geriatrics D Department at the Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer since 1993 until 2005.
Professor Aminoff is or has been an Editorial Board Member of 24 international journals.
Prof. Aminoff was awarded an Honorary Doctor degree of the Yorker International University, Firenze, Italy, 2009.
On 16 February, 2015, Professor Aminoff was awarded a Research Professor Degree from the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.
Results of Professor Aminoff’s studies have been generalized in 4 recently published books, 110 published articles in renowned professional scientific journals and have been presented at World and Regional congresses.

“Measurement of Suffering in End-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease”, Probook, Dyonon, Tel-Aviv, 2007.
The second book in Hebrew (“Taking and giving. Fluctuation of anti entropy”, Gevanim, Tel-Aviv.) was published at 1.2011.
The third book in Hebrew (“Biographical Stories”, Ofir Bikurim, Yehud Monoson) was published at 12.2013.
The fourth book in Hebrew (Rules of Took Time, Halachot Gezel Zman – “הלכות גזל “זמן, Printiv, Jerusalem) was published at 2.2016.

Results of scientific research presented at world and regional congresses:
in Berlin (1999), Jerusalem (2000), Vancouver (2001), Stockholm (2002), Tokyo (2003), Las Vegas (2004), Rio de Janeiro (2005), Madrid (2006), Saint-Petersburg (2007), Trondheim (2008), Paris (2009), Honolulu (2010), Athens (2011), Copenhagen (2012), Seoul (2013), St. Anton am Arlberg (2014), Edinburgh (2015), Tel-Aviv (2015), Haifa (2017) and Israeli Parliament (2005).

Research Interests and Special Achievements:
Development of and research on the first objective tool Mini Suffering State Examination [MSSE] scale for evaluation of suffering in advanced Alzheimer’s disease and at End-of-Life.
Definition of a new medical and pathological entity in advanced Alzheimer’s disease and at End-of-Life, coined Aminoff Suffering Syndrome (ASS).
Development of the new theory and entropy definition of human happiness and suffering.
In addition to the entropic theory definition, further investigations in philosophy and psychology include the Mechanisms of Human Behaviour: Legends of Desirable Anti-Entropy Deficiency Phenomenon Theory and the Mind Blindness Phenomenon in Philosophy, Religion, Science, and Medicine.
Among his many scientific publications are articles on: Overprotection phenomenon of dying dementia patients; Geriatrics “D” refusal phenomenon pertaining to advanced dementia patients; Proposal of new approach to dying patients and establishment of Relief of Suffering Units for patients diagnosed with Aminoff Suffering Syndrome.


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