Welcome Dr. Daniel Anthoni Sihasale to American Journal of Geographical Research and Reviews

Dr. Daniel Anthoni Sihasale
Pattimura University

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Daniel Anthoni Sihasale to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Geographical Research and Reviews.

-Bachelor of Geographical Education, entered Year 1989, graduated Year 1996, Faculty of Teachership and Education Science of UNPATTI
-Master of Geography, entered Year 1997, graduated Year 2001, Faculty of Geography of Gajah Mada University.
-Doctoral Program of Environmental Science, entered Year 2010, Graduated Year 2015, Brawijaya University.

Seminar / Workshops
1. National Seminar, Concept and Analysis of Spaciotemporal for Sustainable Development. Faculty of Geography of UGM Yogyakarta Year 1998 (as Participant)
2. National Seminar, Management of Coastal Ecosystem and Small Islands in the Archipelago State, Faculty of Geography, UGM Yogyakarta Year 2000 (as participant)
3. Seminar and Workshop of Competence Based Curriculum. FKIP UNPATTI Ambon Year 2005 (as Committee )
4. Seminar and Workshop of Competence Based Curriculum. FKIP UNPATTI Ambon Year 2005 (as Committee )
5. National Seminar, Improvement of Education Quality by Teachership and Education Science Faculty of UNPATTI 2008 (as participant)
6. International Seminar, Malaysia-Indonesia (MALINDO), Comparative Review of Education Development of IndonesiaMalaysia. University of Pattimura and University of Kebangsaan Malaysia. Tear
2008 (as participant)
7. National Seminar, Science and Geography in Innovative Learning. Study Program of Geographical Education, FKIP UNPATTI, Year 2009 (as Committee)
8. National Seminar, Science and Sustainable Development in Dies Natalis FMIPA UNPATTI XI Ambon Year 2009 (as participant)
9. National Seminar, Seven Rizki Miracles Become Young Entrepreneur. Business Administrative Science Department of Social and Political Science of University of Pembangunan “Veteran” Yogyakarta, 2010 (as Participant)
10. International Seminar 2010 The Contribution of Tourism Toward Sustainable Development, August 9th 2010. University of Brawijaya (as participant)
11. International Seminar “International Journal Publication, Tips and Tricks”, November 19 2010. University of Brawijaya (as participant)
12. National Seminar, “Management of Watershed” October 26 2010. PPLH of Brawijaya University (as participant)
13. National Seminar “Interdiciplinary Study Seminar I (ISS-1), with journal title “Geographical Investigation and Potential Analysis of Natural Tourism Object of Coast in Effort to Develop Marine Tourism in Ambon City. January 6-7 2011. University of Brawijaya (as speaker)
14. National Seminar “Ecological Movement to Awaken Intelligence and Ecological Wisdom”. Postgraduate program of Brawijaya University, May 29th 2011 Malang (as participant)
15. National Seminar “Wisdom in Natural Resource Management, and Human Resources Challenge in Management and Control of Environment”. Postgraduate Program of Brawijaya University. November 9th 2011. Malang as participant.
16. National Seminar “Implementation of Spatial Information Law”. Department of Geodesy Department of Engineering faculty of Gajah Mada University, June 7th 2011. Yogyakarta (as participant)
17. National Seminar, “Contribution of Geography in Environmental Conservation and Disaster Mitigation”. Geographical Student Association of Social Science Faculty of Semarang State University. June 9th 2011 (as participant)
18. International Seminar “Interdisciplinary Research in Natural Resources and Environmental Development Post Graduate Program of Brawijaya University”. Biodiversity in Coastal Areas Ambon City and Consequences for a Coastal Tourism Development. August 22 2011 (as speaker)
19. International Seminar “International EJournal Short Course”. Postgraduate Program of Brawijaya University. November 1st 2011 Malang (as participant)
20. International Seminar “Biofuel as an Environmental Friendly Energy Alternative” March 2 2012 at Graduate School of University of Brawijaya (as participant)
21. International Seminar, “Agriculture, Environment and Biodiversity” June 2 2012 at Graduate School University of Brawijaya (as participant)
22. International Seminar “Global Resource Conservation” Recent Issues on Biodiversity: Restoration and Bioprospecting of Tropical Ecosystem. July 7 2012. University of Brawijaya.
23. National Seminar “Geographical Information System”. College of Informatics Management and Computer of Kadiri. October 10 2012 (as speaker)
24. National Seminar “Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar IV 2012. “The Strategy of Potential Tourism Development in Namalatu Beach at Nusaniwe District, Ambon City, Indonesia.
Postgraduate Program of Brawijaya University, April 1-4 2013, Malang (as speaker)
25. National Seminar “Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar V 2013. Suitability of Coastal Area for Coastal Tourism Development with Recreational Category at Naku Village, South Leitimur District, Ambon City of Indonesia”. Postgraduate Program of Brawijaya University, June 26-28 2013, Malang (as speaker)
26. National Seminar “Ecotourisme”. The Role of Leadership and Local Population Innovation at the Ecotourisme Development at Widyagama University of Malang, November 12 2013 (as  participant).
27. National Seminar of Book Writing with theme “Change Scientific Work Become Book: Road to Science Eternity. UB Press with IKPI (Indonesian Publishing Association), Malang December 4th  013 (as participant)
28. National Seminar “Interdisciplinary Study Seminar (ISS VII)” Green Economy and Sustainable Development” December 17-18, University of Brawijaya, Malang (as participant)
29. National Seminar “Revitalization of Indonesian Tourism Toward Geotourism with Sustainable Development Principle”. Faculty of Geography of Gajah Mada University, January 11th 2017 (as participant)


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