Welcome Dr. Diego Iacono to International Journal of Aging Research

Dr. Diego Iacono
Associate Professor
Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Research Institute of New Jersey, NJ 07927

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Diego Iacono to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Aging Research.

Dementias, movement disorders, behavioural neurology, traumatic brain injury, neuroinflammation, epilepsy, neurodevelopmental disorders, clinical neurophysiology (EEG, MEG, EPs, ERPs, and DBS), clinical trials.

Clinical and neuropathologic longitudinal studies, Clinical and experimental neuropathology (neurodegenerative diseases and brain injury), normal and pathologic brain aging, bio-brain banking, clinico-pathologic correlations, animal models, neurogenomics, neuroproteomics, quantitative neuropathology, (neurostereology), drug discovery.

Skills in specific research areas
In Clinical Neurology
 Diagnosis, management and pharmachological treatment of dementias and movement disorders, epilepsy, stroke.
In Neuropathology
 Autopsy Brain Dissection, Macroscopic Examination, Microscopic Examination
 Unbiased Stereology applied to the Neurosciences and Neuropathology
 Laser Microdissection Capture (P.A.L.M.)
 Neurohistology staining, Immunohistochemistry techniques, Golgi staining, Thioflavin-S
 Molecular techniques: genotyping, PCR, RT-PCR, real time-PCR, Western blotting, total-RNA extraction from human brain tissue, microarrays analysis (Partek and Spotfire software analysis)
In Clinical Neurophysiology
 Analogic and digital EEG analysis (Back averaging, Spectral and Frequency analysis)
 High Density EEG/Brain Topography
 Stimulus-Related Evoked Potentials (VEPs, BAEPs, SEPs)
 Event Related Evoked Potentials (P300, N400)
 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Single shock, repetitive-TMS)
 Deep Brain Stimulation: pre- and post-operative evaluation
In Clinical Neuroimaging
 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) lab: protocols and paradigms
 Biomagnetism Laboratory-Magnetoencephalography (MEG): protocols and paradigms
In Clinical Neuropsychology
 MMSE, ADAS-cog, NPI, CDR, SIB, Wisconsin Card Test Sorting, Stroop test, Raven test, Corsi test, Rey figure, Tower of London, Fluency test, Aphasia battery administration


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