Welcome Dr.Eng. Ahmed Kadhim Hussein to American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays

Dr.Eng. Ahmed Kadhim Hussein
College of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Babylon University
Babylon City, HIILA , IRAQ

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr.Eng. Ahmed Kadhim Hussein to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays. Dr. V. Ananthaswamy is an Assistant Professor in  Department of Mechanical Engineering at College of Engineering in Babylon University, Babylon City, HIILA , IRAQ.

Research Areas of Interest.
1-Supersonic Aerodynamics.
2-Non-Equilibrium Conduction Heat transfer.
3-Convection Heat Transfer.
4-Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics.
5-CFD. 6-Renewable Energy.
7-Nano Fluid Technology.

Administrative Experiences.
1-Director of Mechanical Engineering Department Laboratories.
2-Member of Clean Energy Center Opening Committee.
3- Member of Clean Energy Studying Committee.
4-Member of Students Examinations Committee.
5-Member of International Bank Grant Running Committee.
6-Chairman and Member of Students Projects and Researches Committee.
7-Member of Mechanical Engineering Department Council.
8-Member of Laboratories Equipments Maintanice Committee.
9- Chairman and Member of Students Summar Training Committee.
10- Chairman of Data Base Committee.


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