Welcome Dr. Fahmy Abd El-Rahman Sadek Hassan

Prof. Dr. Fahmy Abd El-Rahman Sadek Hassan
Professor of Medicinal & Ornamental plants,
Faculty of Agriculture,
Tanta University, Egypt.

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Fahmy Abd El-Rahman Sadek Hassan to Join the Editorial Board of Journal of Herbal Medicine Research. Dr. Fahmy Abd El-Rahman Sadek Hassan is a Professor of Medicinal & Ornamental plants at Faculty of Agriculture of Tanta University, Egypt.
Dr. Fahmy Abd El-Rahman Sadek Hassan’s SCIENTIFIC PROJECTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS include:
1. Scientific project between Hungarian and Egyptian Universities during July and August 2007 in Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary.
2. Postdoctoral scholarship from Hungarian Scholarship Board for 6 months from February 2007.
3.Member of the scientific team work according the cooperation between Tanta University and City of Scientific Research.
4.Project on water stress and amino acids application on rosemary plant. Saudia Arabia, 2012.
5.Project on salt stress and water stress on jojoba plant. Saudia Arabia, 2012.
6.Bio-production of Nigella sativa,L. seeds and oil in Taif area ” Saudia Arabia, 2013
7. “Alleviatory effects of salt stress by mycorrhizal fungi and gibberllic acid on chamomile plant” . Saudia Arabia, 2013.
8. Physiological response of gladiolus flowers to anti-ethylene treatments and their relation to senescence”. Saudia Arabia, 2014.
9. Influences of salt stress and GA3 on growth and some physiological responses in roses of Tai Saudi Arabia, 2014.
10. Supplemental effects of silicon nutrition on growth, quality and some physiological characters of potted chrysanthemum grown in greenhouse. Saudi Arabia, 2015


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