Welcome Dr Farhad Mirzaei to International Journal of Animal Research

Dr Farhad Mirzaei
Member of Department of Animal Production Management, Animal Science Research Institute of Iran

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr Farhad Mirzaei to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Animal Research.

Member of Department of Animal Production Management, Animal Science Research Institute of Iran.
Production Management approach includes deep knowledge of all disciplines of a animal husbandry operation like animal rearing, kid raising, transition animal management, production, health, feed management, reproduction and breeding improvement, udder health, parlor function housing, biosecurity, animal welfare, and general economics.
Completed Ph.D. from Dept. of Livestock production & Management, National Dairy Research Institute(N.D.R.I.) Deemed University, Karnal,132001,India.

Key responsibilities:
1-Secretary of Animal Sciences Technical-Scientific Committee(1991-2005)
2- Head of Appraisal and Survey Office(1991-2005)
3- Head of Research and Development Office(2006-2007)
4-In charge of International Affairs of ASRI(2011 onwards)
5- Member of Animal Production Management Technical-Scientific Sub-Committee of ASRI (2011 onwards)

Safe Animal Production Management and Biodiversity
Livestock and Poultry Economics
Marketing of Animal Products and international trade of animal husbandry production
Rural Development and Poverty Reduction
Agricultural Policies in the world and Individual Regions
Research and Development of Animal Husbandry
International communication for poverty reduction from Animal Husbandry system
Participatory research to Livelihood improvement of smallholders in poor areas
Competitiveness in International Markets
Changes in Domestic Support Policies Affecting International Marketing
New Product Development in International Markets
Internationalization of Retailing and Distribution
Pricing and Sales Promotion Issues of Food Products
Commercialization of Highly Innovative Food Products and Export Marketing Strategies
Domestic animal growth and developmental biology
Animal management and growth
Farming system research
Livestock production under small dairy farming systems


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