Welcome Dr. Gelase Fredy Nsonde Ntandou to American Journal of Anatomy and Physiology

Dr. Gelase Fredy Nsonde Ntandou
Faculty of Science and Technology,
Marien NGOUABI University

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Gelase Fredy Nsonde Ntandou to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Anatomy and Physiology.

Dr. Gelase Fredy Nsonde Ntandou received his Ph.D. degree in Animal Physiology and Pharmacology with the Professor Ange Antoine ABENA at Marien NGOUABI University of Brazzaville (2010) in Republic of Congo and had postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Professors Fulvio Esposito and Annette Habluetzel Department of Experimental Medicine and Public Health, Faculty of Biochemistry, University of Camerino, Italy. Its main fields of activity include: malaria, pain, inflammation, fever, dysfunction of reproductive systems, constipation and dysfunction renal (diuresis). Currently I am a senior researcher at the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Pharmacology of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Laboratory of Animal Physiology and Physiopathology; I am a teacher of Animal Physiology and Pharmacology in the Faculty of Science and Technology, all of which belong to a common institution: the Marien NGOUABI University. Since July 2015, I passed the rank of Maitre Assistant Cames. The disciplines I teach are: blood physiology, reproduction of vertebrates including humans, regulation physiology, endocrine physiopathology, zootechny, general pharmacology, molecular pharmacology and experimental pharmacology, experimental teachings Pharmacology, physiology and animal pathophysiology. I am author and co-author of several publications in numerous journals and numerous national and international scientific papers. Here is the list of my scientific publications.


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