Welcome Dr Hiroyasu Satoh

Dr Hiroyasu Satoh

Health Life Science, Shitennoji University,
Habikino, Osaka 583-8501, Japan.

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr Hiroyasu Satoh to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine. Dr Hiroyasu Satoh’s  research interests include Phytochemicals, Crude and food functions, Herbal medicine, Alternative and complemental medicine and Electro-physiology and -pharmacology. Dr Hiroyasu Satoh’s recent researches focus on the researches of cardiovascular functions, the atrial and ventricular muscles, and especially, the sino-atrial node have been investigated. Still the effects of antiarrhythmic agents and novel drugs are examined. In Dr Hiroyasu Satoh’s  recent researches, the effects of Kampo (herbal) medicine, and the phytochemicals and food on cardiovascular functions are investigated using voltage-clamp (patch- and current-clamps) techniques, and also by the relaxation or constriction of small vascular smooth muscle.


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