Welcome Dr. Hossein Kazemian to American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays

Dr. Hossein Kazemian
Faculty& Director; Northern Analytical Lab Services (NALS)
University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)
3333 University Way, Prince George, BC, Canada, V2N 4Z9

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Hossein Kazemian to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays. Dr. Hossein Kazemian is Analytical Chemist with more than 25 years of academic and industry experience in Environmental & Material Chemistry

Summary of Qualifications

  • PhD in Analytical Chemistry (Eco-friendly remediation technologies) with many years of experience as Environmental and Material Chemist in both industry and academia
  • Taught courses in Environmental, Analytical and Materials Chemistry and organized workshops on environmental application of porous nanomaterials, materials characterization techniques; lab safety and technical writing
  • Conducted more than 40 external funded R&D and industrial projects on porous zeolitic and other nanomaterials, properties and applications including adsorption and catalytic processes for environmental and energy related processes.
  • Directed a project on designing, construction and installation of an industrial scale radioactive waste treatment unit.
  • Supervised and managed several project (as PI and co-PI) and R&D groups (i.e. 5-30 people) in manufacturing materials and testing their properties for applications in environmental remediation processes from basic research lab scale up to pilot and industrial scales.
  • Directed R &D projects on environmental remediation techniques for CO2 capturing, indoor air quality, VOC removal from air and water, solid waste remediation technology for coal flyash (CFA), as well as acid mine drainage treatment.
  • Wrote and published more than 150 scientific articles in form of peer reviewed journal paper, book and book’s chapters and patents, mostly on environmental remediation techniques
  • Served as member of hiring and faculty promotional committees ; as well as  Editorial Board for  several scientific journals and member of scientific board for several international conferences
  • Worked with and troubleshot instrumental techniques such as ICP, AA, XRD, XRF, SEM, UV-Vis, GC, HPLC, FTIR, TGA, DSC, BET, DVS, KF,  Laser particle size analyzer, Zeta Potential, Microwave and ultrasonic reactors.
  • Organized several international conferences, seminars and workshops

Professional Experience

Faculty, Director of the Northern Analytical Lab Services (NALS)

University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), Prince George, BC Oct. 2015-

  • Conducting research and development projects on environmental remediation processes including air and water pollution control
  • Responsible for the operation and strategic development of NALS to help it reaches its full potential as an integral part of teaching and, research at UNBC and in building research partnerships with industries in Northern BC.
  • Develop and deliver courses in Instrument Analysis for students in Chemistry and Environmental Science.
  • Supervision of Analytical Chemistry Specialists (full-time and students), ensuring that they maintain appropriate ongoing training on emerging technology and any necessary professional or other certifications;
  • Quality assurance and certification of analytical procedures to meet industrial standards;
  • Implementing all relevant safety and risk management policies in facilities under my jurisdiction;
  • Providing cost estimates to researchers and contractors for Analytical Chemistry Services, and managing recovered funds to support the operation of the facilities;
  • Assisting the Dean in UNBC budget preparation and tracking, including the development of major funding applications relevant to the operation, maintenance and/or renewal of facilities

Adjunct Professor, Environmental Chemist Oct. 2015-

Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, Western University,       Oct. 2015

  • Collaborative research with the Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
  • R&D project with different industries mostly in the area of environmental applications of porous zeolitic materials
  • Involvement with graduate student supervision

Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Associate, (Environmental Chemist),

Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, Western University, Oct. 2009 -Sept. 2015

  • Conducted a three years project on solid waste remediation techniques by developing novel techniques to convert coal fly ash (CFA) to value added zeolitic materials (up to a pilot scale)
  • Conducted a two year project on developing new technologies for CO2 capturing  using porous MOFs and other zeolitic materials
  • Conducted several projects on improving indoor air quality using thermal-plasma as well as photo catalyst- and adsorbent-based techniques to develop a prototype highly efficient air purifiers
  • Trained new members of group on research methodologies, scientific writing, lab safety and operation of different  instrumental techniques
  • Worked with and operated different analytical techniques such as XRD, ICP, SEM, BET, DVS, KF, TGA, DSC, UV-Vis, GC, HPLC, Zeta Potential, laser particle sizer on daily basis to analyze samples
  • Prepared many successful research proposals and secured research funds (e.g. NSERC-CRD, and several ENGAGE, OCE-TPS, OCE-VIP1, Mitacs, RTI proposals), by timely forecasting the trend of research in the area of environmental science and technology mainly on applications of porous and nanomaterials in environmental processes.
  • Handled several ongoing projects simultaneously to fulfill objectives and achieve expected deliverables before deadlines; facilitated ongoing projects by establishing collaborative networks with other research laboratories, research centres and institutions.
  • Established and equipped a lab specialized in novel approaches for synthesizing and testing of different nanomaterials mainly for environmental applications
  • Prepared and submitted more than 20 technical and explanatory analytical reports for industrial clients and published more than 20 papers and filed several patent applications.

Senior Research Fellow (Material Chemist)

Department of Chemical Engineering National University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2009

  • Worked  as material chemist on three different projects in the field of fuel cell and materials for energy applications including developing materials for hydrogen storage
  • Trained new members of group in research methodologies, scientific writing, lab safety and instrumental techniques
  • Wrote  several technical reports based on the gathered analytical data

Environmental Chemist, SPAG Zeolite R&D Group,

Science & Technology Park, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran 2006 – 2009

  • Thought courses on Environmental radiation processes
  • Trained all new members of group on research methodologies, writing research proposals, scientific writing, lab safety, traditional and instrumental techniques in chemistry labs such as hydrothermal synthesis
  • Co-Founded and Directed; Iran first technology-based company on zeolite science and technology; (awarded Superior Iranian Entrepreneurs of the year in 2009 for job creation for graduate professionals)
  • Design and equip a research lab  to manufacture, characterize and teste wide range of porous nanomaterials including nano-zeolites and as catalysts, adsorbents and membranes  for environmental applications
  • Conducted a R&D project on removal of VOC ( MTBE, BTEX) from contaminated industrial wastewaters
  • Founded and Co-Chaired; Series of biannual scientific conference of “Iran International Zeolite Conferences (IIZC)”, since 2008

 Faculty, Environmental Analytical Chemist

NSTRI, Tehran, Iran 1996 – 2006

  • Taught several undergraduate and graduate courses in general chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, instrumental spectroscopy and advanced material chemistry
  • Directed several industrial scale projects including: design and construction of an industrial scale radioactive waste treatment unit and developing a treatment technology to remediate acid mine drainage (AMD).
  • Served as a member of several scientific committees including faculties’ promotion committee for more than 5 years
  • Supervised and Co-supervised many graduate students (PhD & MSc); in various disciplines including chemistry, chemical, environmental and material engineering
  • Manufactured different zeolitic materials including SPAOs, LTA, NaX, NaY, ZSM5 as powdered and granulated nanomaterials as well as membranes for separation and catalytic applications mostly for wastewater treatment.
  • Established a research facility for environmental applications of porous materials by equipping a research lab
  • Managed and supervised a research group of more 10 researchers; worked on different projects simultaneously.

 Faculty, Analytical chemist

Payam Noor University of Ardakan, Yazd, Iran 1993- 1995

  • Taught several undergraduate courses in general, analytical & environmental chemistry,  instrumental spectroscopy
  • Designed and Equipped two analytical and General Chemistry laboratories for educational purposes


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