Welcome Dr. Ioannis Vlastos to International Research Journal of Otolaryngology

Dr. Ioannis Vlastos
Consultant Otolaryngologist: Euroclinic and Iaso Children’s Hospitals, Athens, Greece

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Ioannis Vlastos to Join the Editorial Board of International Research Journal of Otolaryngology.

Member of societies
 European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
 European Rhinologic Society
 Greek Society of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

 20,500 euros Greek-EU grant (THERA-CAN, therapeutic strategies for cancer)
 20,000 euros European grant (Infla-Care research project of IMBB-FORTH Hellas) for head and neck cancer biomarkers study
 Best oral presentation, Greek Congress of Otorhinolaryngology, Athens, December 2011
 Participation in “InterUniversity Diploma of Endoscopy and Surgery in Oto-rhino skull base” sponsored by the University of Crete
 Technical support grand (in form of medical equipment supplies) by Olympus-Proton SA for the project of “Evolution of vidian neurectomy and minimal invasive neck surgery techniques”
 One month fellowship (August 2002) from the University of Crete to study endocrinology at Boston University and Boston Medical Center
 Awards from Greek Scholarships Foundation, Rotary Club and Municipalities of New Alicarnassos and Heraklion in 1996 for succeeding with the third best grade in medical school

Research interests
Pediatric and Rhinologic Issues


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