Welcome Dr Rincón to International Journal of Materials Sciences and Applications

Dr Jesús Ma. Rincón
“Colaborador Honorífico”- UMH (Dept. Agroquímicaía y Medio Ambiente), Elche, Alicante, Spain)

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr Jesús Ma. Rincón to Join the Editorial Board of International Research Journal of Materials Sciences and Applications.

Jesús Ma. Rincón López  (spelled only as:  J. Ma. Rincón in papers edition)

Since 2001: Prof. de Investigación- CSIC, Ph. D. Chemistry and …since 1970 at CSIC (ICV + IETc, Madrid)

Since 2017 february: “Colaborador Honorífico”- UMH (Dept. Agroquímicaía y Medio Ambiente), Elche, Alicante, Spain)

Honorific with the GOLD MEDAL WITH BRILLIANT in 2015

from the Chemistry College and Chemist Association of Madrid

Founder and Head of the Group/Lab of Vitreous and Ceramic Materials, Former Head of Department of “Construction Systems” IETcc- CSIC (2006-2010)

(Asociación Española de Científicos- AEC, Past  President, 2011-2015 period)

(Ex General Secretary of the  Soc. Española de Cerámica y Vidrio and former

Editor-in- Chief of the Bol. Soc. Esp. Ceram. Vidr., 1988-92) (Honor Member of the SECV-1992)

Member of the following scientific societies: The Spanish Glass and Ceramic Society (SECV) (honorific member);

The Portuguese of Ceramics and Glasses, The Electron Microscopy Soc of America (EMSA), The Spanish Mineralogical Society (SEM); Spanish Clay Society (AEC);The Spanish Society of Microscopy (SEM); The Planetary Society, European Glass Society, member of Technical Committee TC05 of the International Commission of Glass (ICG), The Society of Glass Technology (SGT), The Friends Society of Alcorcon Glass Museum(MAVA, The Society of Science Advance  (SACSIS)

H- Index= 27, Spanish Scientists in GLASSES and CERAMICS (February 2017) (7th in the ranking of 19 researchers with > 17 index)


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