Welcome Dr. Jiahong Lu

Dr. Jiahong Lu
Assistant Professor,
Institute of Chinese Medical Science,
The University of Macau.

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Jiahong Lu to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine.  Dr Lu’s research mainly focuses: 1) Regulatory mechanisms and biological functions of autophagy in central nervous system: physiological and pathological roles; and 2) molecular targets-based drug development for anti-neurodegenerative diseases agents from traditional Chinese medicine. For the first topic, we applied cell biology, biochemistry and system biological approaches to study the molecular regulation of a lipid kinase complex (Class III PI3K) in the process of autophagy and neurodegeneration. For the second topic, we established several neuronal autophagy regulator screening systems to identify potent natural neuronal autophagy inducer which efficiently promotes the clearance of pathogenic protein species associated with neurodegerative diseases. Beyond these two topics, our research also covered other aspects of biomedical science such as neuroprotective properties of nature-derived compounds and functional study on PD-associated protein, etc.


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