Welcome Dr Kasim S. Abass to International Journal of Bioscience and Medicine

Dr Kasim S. Abass
Assistant Professor
College of Nursing, University of Kirkuk

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr Kasim S. Abass to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Bioscience and Medicine.

Personal Statement
I graduated with a PhD from the University of Plymouth, in UK and subsequently served as a researcher and academic staff for almost 17 years at the Mosul, Tikrit, and Kirkuk University, I have served as Head of the Pharmacological Department, Scientific assessment of Dean of the College of Nursing. During this period I spent my research sabbaticals in several Universities in
the Turkey. I am teach the subject of Pharmacology, Food Toxicology, Molecular Biology at the University of Tikrit and Kirkuk and my research covers Pharmacology and Toxicology, Food Hygiene. I Supervision on Graduate Dissertations of Two doctorates and three masters in Baghdad, Sulymania and Kirkuk Universities and I discussion more than 15 dissertations in
different colleges and Universities. My published researches were more than 20 research papers,published in peer reviewed International Journals, and I completed one books authors in English language. Further ahead and member for than 5 scientific committee in the Kirkuk university and the Ministry of Higher Education. I attending more than 10 international Conference and I have more than 4 training courses in the UK Institute and Universities.

Work Experience
● Assistant Professor (College of Nursing, University of Kirkuk from Oct 2013 – Present) 1- Teaching Physiology and Pharmacology courses to graduate and undergraduate students, 2- Assisting senior professors in preparing curriculum and presentations for the College Board, 3- Performing high-quality research in science and finding publishers to help students with ready resources, 4- Engaging in student recruiting, program development, and program assessment, 5- Using technology in teaching, and publishing study-related materials on college website, 6- Preparing and giving lectures, as well as grading papers and tests
● Assistant Professor (College of Agriculture, University of Tikrit from Feb 2006 to Sep 2013) 1- Researched and published findings and tutored students for Biostatics courses, 2-Contributed in the enhancement of college reputation and improved student life, 3- Recommended collection of resources for the library to the faculty committee, 4- Assisted students in completing thesis and career development, 5- Provided extra coaching during the summer to students, 6- Coordinated with the College Board and put forward budget features for the educational department

Laboratory Skills
● Biochemistry and Toxicology (Laboratory instrumentation and equipment: pH meter, turbidimeter, spectrophotometer, centrifuge, lab oven, HPLC, analytical balance, DI water system, Plate reader, Homogenizer, Electrophoresis, Western blot)
● Molecular Biology (DNA isolation, RNA isolation, plasmid and genomic DNA isolation, gene cloning from bacteria, site-directed mutagenesis, Gateway® cloning, PCR, qPCR, DNA sequence analysis, Southern blotting, Northern blotting, Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChiP), Flow Cytometry, protein isolation, fluorescent microscopy, bacterial reporter assays, iron metabolism assays)


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