Welcome Dr. Krešimir Mastanjević to International Journal of Food and Nutrition Research

Dr. Krešimir Mastanjević
Assistant Professor
Name and address of employer
Type of business or sector University in Osijek, Faculty of Food Technology, Franje Kuhača 20, 31000 Osijek, Croatia Science and higher education

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Krešimir Mastanjević to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Food and Nutrition Research.

Krešimir Mastanjević, PhD is assistant professor of the Subdepartmet of Meat and Fish Technology, Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Food technology, University of Osijek, Croatia. He was appointed assistant in 2004, higher assistant in 2010, and assistant professor in 2013.
Keywords of research interests: cryoprotection, texture, colour, meat, fish, dry sausage, dry cured meat products, fermentation.

Scientific papers indexed in Web of science
1. M. Lučan, V. Slačanac, J. Hardi, K. Mastanjević, J. Babić, V. Krstanović, M. Jukić (2009.): Inhibitory effect of honey-sweetened goat and cow milk fermented with Bifidobacterium lactis Bb-12 on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes. Mljekarstvo. 59 (2):96-106.
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8. V. Krstanović, A. Lalić, I. Kosović, N. Velić, K. Mastanjević, K. Mastanjević (2016): A survey of total β-glucan content in Croatian barley varieties. Cereal research communications. 44 (4); 650-657.
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Scientific papers indexed in CAB
1. D. Kovačević, K. Mastanjević, D. Šubarić, I. Jerković, Z. Marijanović (2010): Physico-chemical, colour and textural properties of Croatian traditional dry sausage (Slavonian Kulen). Meso 12 (5): 270-276.
2. Kovačević, D., Suman, K., Lenart, L., Frece, J., Mastanjević, K., Šubarić, D. (2011). Salt reduction in Homemade Slavonian Sausage: effect on compositional, physico-chemical, colour and texture parameters, sensory characteristics and hygienic quality. Meso 13 (4): 244-248.
3. Kovačević, D., Mastanjević, K., Frece, J., Pleadin, J. (2013): Physico-chemical, colour and textural properties of horse salami. Meso 15 (2) 143-147.
4. Kovačević, D., Pleadin, J., Mastanjević, K., Frece, J. (2014): Opasnosti od površinske kontaminacije plijesnima u tradicionalnoj proizvodnji kulena. Meso. 16 (2) 162-168.
5. Kovačević, D., Pleadin, J., Mastanjević, K., Frece, J. (2014): Utjecaj tehnoloških operacija na smanjenje koncentracije okratoksina A tijekom proizvodnje Slavonskog kulena. Meso. 16 (3) 232-237.
6. Kovačević, D., Mastanjević, K., Frece, J., Pleadin, J. (2014): Utjecaj dodataka različitih šećera na proces fermentacije trajne kobasice kulenove seke. Meso. 16 (4) 324-328.
7. Kovačević, D., Mastanjević, K., (2014): Fizikalno-kemijska svojstva, boja i tekstura trajnih kobasica. Meso. 16(4) 484-487.
8. Kovačević, D., Mastanjević, K., Ćosić, K., Pleadin, J. (2016): Amount of nitrites and nitrates in meat products from the Croatian market. Meso. 18 (1) 40-46


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