Welcome Dr. Luca Ottaviano to International Research Journal of Physics

Dr. Luca Ottaviano
Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche e Chimiche Università dell’Aquila Via

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Luca Ottaviano to Join the Editorial Board of International Research Journal of Physics.

Research Interests
Materials Characterization, Ultrasonics, Microcontrollers, Embedded systems, Nanofluids

Luca Ottaviano is an Associate Professor in condensed matter experimental Physics. PhD in Physics 1996. Experimentalist with a broad cultural background in condensed matter physics. 137 ISI indexed papers, 40 as first author, 37 as senior author, H=29 (source ISI&SCOPUS merged). 36 invited talks and seminars. Supervisor of dozens of students. Chair of international workshops and conferences. Permanent member of several national and International Review Panels. Reviewer of the topmost ranked Scientific Journals. Fields of interest: surface and nanophysics with multidisciplinary contaminations. Current interest: graphene and 2D materials. Systems investigated in the past: 2D metals on Silicon, Organic semiconductor thin films, Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors. Personality features: Innovative yet pragmatic, persuasive, focused, confident, resilient. Excellent language skills.

• Member of the American Chemical Society.
• Member of the ESF College of Expert Reviewers.

Research Interests (present)
Graphene fundamental properties, and graphene oxide for sensing applications. Molybdenite. Biological applications and interfaces with 2D materials.


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