Welcome Dr. Maher SALAMOON to American Journal of Orthopedic Research and Reviews

Department of Medical Oncology Al Bairouni University Hospital
Ex-specialist in Lyon-sud Hospital Department of Hematology Lyon-france

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Maher SALAMOON to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of Orthopedic Research and Reviews.

Nov. 2006. Master in medical oncology (Paris- France)
Nov. 2003 MD (tumors chemotherapy) Damascus University, Syria
Nov. 2003 Diploma (oncology) Health ministry, Damascus, Syria
Jul. 1998 MD (1st degree in medicine) School of Medicine, Damascus University, Syria

– metastatic breast cancer: getting the facts from peripheral blood. the 4th world congress of cancer science, 20-22 october 2014 Chicago, USA.
– Tailoring treatment of breast cancer using breast cancer stem cells, Jingzhou (China) international oncology conference, Nov, 23, 2013.
– Is it possible to tailor breast cancer treatment using breast cancer stem cells as cell model? Presented in the IMPAKT, 1pril 26, 2013, Brussels (Belgium)
– Isolation, proliferation and phenotype of breast cancer stem cells fro primary breast cancers, 27 Sep, 2012, Budapest (Hungary)
– The role of VEGF inhibitors in the treatment of GI NET, winter academy of oncology.feb.10.2012 Switzerland.
– Gene therapy in lung cancer, the first meeting of the Syrian society of thoracic oncology, Al-Assad university hospital sep.2009
– Treatment of relapsed Hodgkin disease combined with Castleman disease presented on the 1st meeting of the European school of oncology sep.2007 Cairo,Egypt
– Bone marrow transplant in lymphoma, the 1st Syrian meeting on transplant in Aleppo, Feb 2008
– Treatment of Ewing sarcoma in the meeting of the Syrian society of orthopedists Aleppo 2008
– Treatment of Ewing sarcoma, the pan Arab meeting of sarcomas nov.8.2007
– Role of Zoledronic acid in bone metastases nov.2007, Aleppo, Syria
– Treatment of iron overload in hematologic malignancies June 2005, Freiburg, Germany.
– Treatment of GIST march 2005 during the meeting of the French joint of gastrointestinal tumors.
– Designation of PRIMA trial, presented in Barcelona, Spain in Feb. 2005 during the European conference on hematology.
– The Efficacy of BFM Protocol in Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Treatment, presented at Tishreen Hospital in Damascus in the Syrian – Spanish meeting of hematology Feb. 2003
– (Designation of PRIMA trial), presented in Barcelona, Spain in Feb. 2005 during the European conference on hematology.

Conference contribution:
– ESMO/ECCO 2013:
1. Her-2 status in Syrian women with breast carcinoma. poster: 166
2. difference between brand and generic Docetaxel in breast cancer treatment poster : 246
3. soft tissue sarcoma treatment: results from the drug shortage era. poster: 540
4.role of circulating epithelial cells in the evaluation of response to chemotherapy in non small cell lung cancer patients. poster: 427.
– EHA 2013:
1. High-dose Methotrexate, high-dose Cytarabine and Temozolomide for the treatment of Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma (PCNSL), poster: 847.
2. isolating mesenchymal stem cells from a bone marrow of CML patients: a project towards expanding a graft for transplantation (abstract),hematological, EHA special issue.


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