Welcome Dr. Meena M.K. to International Journal of Animal Research

Dr. Meena M.K., 
Assistant Professor
Department of Crop Physiology, University of Agricultural Sciences

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Meena M.K. to Join the Editorial Board of International Journal of Animal Research.

• To obtain permanent position with a progressive organization in the field of Agriculture.
• Seeking a career, this would challenge and stimulate my creativity and abilities by providing ample responsibilities and opportunities to grow along with the organization.
• Acquire skills and knowledge in the concerned field of work in the shortest possible time, where I can put my ideas into creative action by exercising my talent and techno-commercial knowledge to the fullest, open vistas.

M. Sc. (Agri.) in Crop Physiology,
Research Title : Influence of Hydrophillic Polymer on Growth , Development and Physiology in Tomato.
Seminar I – Photo-Activated Toxin Cercosporine in Plant.
Seminar II – Hydrogel as a Water saver in Crop Plant.

Ph.D in Crop Physiology
Research Title: Influence of Vacuum Packaging on Seed Physiology and Quality Parameters in Different Field Crops.
Seminar I – Molecular Aspects of Oxidative Stress in Plant.
Seminar II – An Introduction to Gene Expression in Prokaryotes & Eukaryote.
Seminar III – Drought Stress Mittigating Strategies (Molecular Aspects) in Crop Plant



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