Welcome Dr. Michael J. Gonzalez to American Journal of History and Culture

Dr. Michael J. Gonzalez
Professor of History
Director of History MA Program, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA 92110

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Michael J. Gonzalez to Join the Editorial Board of American Journal of History and Culture.

1997 Outstanding Teacher Award, University of San Diego
1998 Finalist for Outstanding Teacher Award, University of San Diego
2002 Who’s Who for American College Professors (nominated by students)
2004 Who’s Who for American College Professors (nominated by students)

Pacific Historical Association
Organization of American Historians
Western Historical Association
American Historical Association

History of the West, California History, Spain in the Americas, Colonization of the Americas, Terrorism in the Modern World, Religion in the West, Manifest Destiny, Gender and Sexuality

November 2005 This Small City Will Be a Mexican Paradise: Exploring the Origins of Mexican Culture in Los Angeles, 1821-1846 (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press).
Fall 2016 “Baptism by Fire and Water: Forced Conversion and the Subjugation of the California Indian,” Journal of the West, 55 (4):10-21.
April 2012 “Mars Dances El Jarabe, Rhythm and Movement and the Californio Preparation for War, 1800-1846,” Journal of the West, 50(2):7-10.
January 2012 “’With the God of Battles I Can Destroy All Such Villains’: War, Religion, and the Impact of Islam on Spanish and Mexican California, 1769-1846,” California History, 90(1):18-66.
January 2010 “Spain in California: First Stop on the Mission Trail,” Perspectives, Supplement to the 124th Annual Meeting.
May 2009 “War and the Making of History: The Case for Mexican California, 1821-1846,” California History, 86(2):5-68.
September 2007 “Refuting the Myth of Californio Indolence: The Test Case of Los Angeles and Environs” 1821-1846” Spanish Traces 13(3):22-34.
September 2002 “’My Brother’s Keeper’: Mexicans and the Hunt for Prosperity in California, 1848-2000,” article in Riches for All, The California Gold Rush and the World, Ed., Kenneth Owens. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2002, 118-141.
February 1998 “‘The Child of the Wilderness Weeps for the Father of Our Country,’ The Indian and the Politics of Church and State in Provincial California,” article in Contested Eden. Eds., Richard Orsi and Ramón Gutiérrez. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1998, 147-172.
Book Reviews
February 2018 Book Review of California Mission Landscapes: Race, Memory, and the Politics of Heritage, Elizabeth Kryder-Reid, The Journal of San Diego History, 50 (1).
May 2015 Book review of Before LA: Race, Space, and Municipal Power in Los Angeles, 1781-1894, David Torres-Rouff, in the Pacific Historical Review 84(2):257-259.
June 2011 Book review for Constructing Lives at Mission San Francisco, Native Californians and Hispanic Colonists, 1776-1821, Quincy Newell, (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2009) in The Journal for American History 98(1):179-180.
April 2011 Book review for The Father of All, the de la Guerra Family, Power, and Patriarchy in Mexican California, Louise Pubols, (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2010) in the American Historical Review 116(2):445-446.
November 2009 Book review for Beyond the Alamo, Forging Mexican Identity in San Antonio, Raúl Ramos. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2008) in the Pacific Historical Review 78(4):646-647.
May 2009 Book review of Corridors of Migration, The Odyssey of Mexican Laborers, 1600-1933, Rodolfo Acuña (Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2007) in the Pacific Historical Review 78(2):298-299.
Winter 2008 Book review of “This Land was Mexican Once,” Histories of Resistance from Northern California, by Linda Heidenreich (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2007), in the Western Historical Quarterly 39(4):514-515.
Summer 2008 Book review of Social Change in America, From the Revolution Through the Civil War, by Christopher Clark (Chicago: Ivan Dee, 2006) in The Historian, 70(2):315-316.
Spring 2008 Book review of Bárbaros, Spaniards and Their Savages in the Age of Enlightenment, by David Weber (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2005) in the Journal of San Diego History 54(2):121-122.
Winter 2007 Book review of Choice, Persuasion, and Coercion, Social Control on Spain’s North American Frontiers, Jesús de la Teja and Ross Frank, Eds. (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2005) in the Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History Review 7(3).
Spring 2006 Book review of The Founding Documents of Los Angeles: A Bilingual Edition, Doyce Nunis, ed. (Los Angeles: Historical Society of Southern California, 2003) in the Journal of San Diego History 51/52 (2):176-177.
Spring 2004 Book review of The Gold Rush Diary of Ramón Gil Navarro in California History, eds. and trans. by María del Carmen Ferreyra and David S. Rehrer (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2000), 82(1):76.
Spring 2003 Book review of Juan Bautista de Anza, Basque Explorer in the New World, 1693-1740 by Donald Garate, (Reno: University of Nevada, 2003) in the Journal of San Diego History 50(1):55.
Spring 1997 Book review of Days of Gold (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997) by Malcolm Rohrbough in Journal of San Diego History 43(2):56.


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