Welcome Dr. Miguel Ángel Reyes Belmonte to Global Journal of Energy and Environment

Dr. Miguel Ángel Reyes Belmonte
IMDEA ENERGY Institute, Madrid, Spain

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Miguel Ángel Reyes Belmonte to Join the Editorial Board of Global Journal of Energy and Environment.

Dr. Miguel A. Reyes is Ingeniero Industrial Superior (Energy specialization) by the Universidad Politécnica Valencia UPV (2009), Master on Internal Combustion Engines by UPV (2011) and PhD. on Engineering by UPV (2013). During 2014-2015 he worked as postdoctoral researcher at University of Bath (England) and currently is holding a postdoctoral position at IMDEA Energy Institute and working as associate lecturer at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. During his professional career (since 2009), he has participated in more than 10 research projects with main companies from automotive field (Renault, Ford, Peugeot-Citroen or Jaguar Land Rover) and Energy sector (Abengoa, EDF or Sener). He has also collaborated with worldwide recognized universities and research centres (London City University, ETH Zurich, CIEMAT or CSIC). He has supervised several final project degrees and worked as external lecturer and laboratory demonstrator for mechanical and aeronautical engineering degrees. His background can be summarized in more than 30 scientific publications on high impact journals and internationalcongresses and 1 national patent. He has presented his work on prestigious congresses: SAE World Congress, ASME TurboExpo or SolarPACES. Research line of Dr. Reyes has been focused into turbomachinery modeling improvement by developing 1D models able to reproduce its behavior under realistic working conditions (low loads, pulsating flow or heat transfer). He has also investigated about engine new designs using Selective Laser Melting (SLM) seeking for better thermal management. As an example of that work, a new design of hollow-cooled exhaust valves, internally cooled pistons or compact exhaust manifolds can be pointed. His thesis entitled “Contribution to the Experimental Characterization and 1-D modelling of Turbochargers for IC Engines” got the highest qualifications (Cum-Laude). This thesis faces the detailed study of physical phenomena occurring during automotive turbocharger operation (heat transfer, friction losses, highly pulsating flow and off-design operation). Due to that complex phenomena, and the fact that these conditions could appear simultaneously, thesis research proposed a novel experimental methodology facilitating the isolated study of each phenomenon. These experiments provided the required data for model development and validation. Among outstanding thesis research achivements, the development of an experimental methodology for the direct measurement of turbochargers efficiency by means of quasy-adiabatic testing, a physically-based methodology for radial turbines maps extension and a lumped capacitance heat transfer model for automotive turbochargers can be pointed out. Among interests and short-medium term research objectives, thermodynamic study of highly-efficient power cycles and turbomachinery application for concentrated solar power can be pointed out. His professional background on turbomachinery field, thermal engines modelling and heat transfer analyses will be fundamental for objectives proposal achievement. Recently, he was awarded with prestigious research grant on renewable energy for young researchers from Fundacion Iberdrola for his research proposal “Decoupled turbomachinery for small solar applications” (2016-2017). Apart from previous merits, Dr. Reyes collaborates with several journals and international conferences as a reviewer (ASME, Applied Energy or Energy Conversion Management).

Research Interest: Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Thermal Engines, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Energy systems modelling, Automotive Engines


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