Welcome Dr. Milena Palczewska to Journal of Theoretical and Applied Sciences

Dr. Milena Palczewska
Vice Dean for student affairs, Military Faculty
War Studies University, al. gen. Antoniego Chruściela “Montera” 10300-910 Warszawa

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Milena Palczewska to Join the Editorial Board of Journal of Theoretical and Applied Sciences.

2011 – 2014 National Defence University in Warsaw; Field: social sciences; Discipline: defence studies, dissertation Relationships and dependences of polemology with related sciences
Receiving title: PhD
2009 – 2011 National Defence University in Warsaw; Field: national security; Receiving title: master; Specialty: crisis management
2009 – 2011 National Defence University in Warsaw; Field: management and command;  Receiving title: master; Specialty: management and command
2009-2010 WSP in Warsaw; Field: The European Social Fund and Education– postgraduate studies
2008-2010 Academy of Finance and Management in Białystok; Field: philology; Receiving title: master; Specialty: english philology

2011-actually War Studies University (National Defence University) in Warsaw; Position: Vice Dean for Student Affairs, lecturer;  Responsibilities: conducting classes connected with national security, defence, polemology; guiding the work of scientific research teams; organizing seminars and conferences
02-05.2012 Turkish National Police Academy, Ankara, Turkey; Position: lecturer; Responsibilities: conducting classes in English in the field of national security, crisis management
09.2010 Ministry of Finance; Position: trainee; Responsibilities: issues related to defense and crisis management

Additional information
– guiding the work of scientific research teams: Professional improvement of tactical officers commands, units and subunits of the army, Polemology and irenology in the study of problems of war and peace, State defense system, Historical conditions of military service of woman, National Defence University.
– publications (examples): Sociology of war, Polemology, Wars and armed conflicts of XXI century, Peace research as the exemplification of peace studies; Terrorism as a contemporary form of war; Hierarchical system of research on the war by Gaston Bouthoul; Polemology – the area of research on the wars and armed conflicts; Focus group and projective techniques as a commandment of qualitative empirical research methods used in the social sciences; Oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico as an exemplification of a potential terrorist attack; E-study as a way of acquiring knowledge. The role and importance of electronic publications in the educational process on the example of the National Defence University; Service of women in military as a challenge for Armed Forces.
-co-organizing of conference (examples): Strategic Partnership of Poland and Ukraine to contemporary challenges and threats to international security; Youth NGOs in the national security system; Youth and the defensive system of the State; Terrorism and the critical infrastructure of the state; War and peace as the research area of polemology and irenology; Hybrid war and aggression below the threshold of war.
– interests– geopolitics, international relations.


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