Welcome Dr. Muhammad Ayub Khan Mehar to Journal of Modern Economy

Dr. Muhammad Ayub Khan Mehar
Iqra University Karachi

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr. Muhammad Ayub Khan Mehar to Join the Editorial Board of Journal of Modern Economy.

 Institutional Economics and Corporate Governance
 Policy Advocacy and lobbying
 Economic and Financial Research
 International Trade and Finance
 Teaching/ Higher Education
 Econometric Modeling/ Forecasting

Books/ Monographs / Chapters:
 Missing Links in Economic Development and Higher Education: Consequences of Excessive Regulations; Islamabad: Economic Freedom Network/ FNST
 South Asia in New Economic Order: Liberalization Process; Islamabad: Economic Freedom Network/ FNST
 Nexus of ‘Two Nations Theory’ and Cultural Pluralism in Pakistan: Historical Evidences and Future Prospects (ISBN: 978-3-330-06961-9) Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany
 Common Sense Economics, What Everyone Should Know about Economic Prosperity (Pakistani Edition): Islamabad: Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (Fur Die Freiheit): EFN Pakistan
 Is There a Vicious Circle in Muslim World? The Crisis of Institutional Governance, Competitiveness, and Higher Education (ISBN: 978-3-8383-3664-0); Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany
 Development Financing and Economic Governance in Pakistan (Co-author); Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany; (ISBN: 978-3-659-97776-4)
 International Trade in Emerging Economies (ISBN: 978-81-924302-6-3); Bloomsbury Publishing Limited; Chapter contributed on “Causes and Barriers in the Freedom of Migration: Empirical Evidences from World Economy”
 Development Studies, Vol. IV Atlantic Pub, 2010 (ISBN: 81-269-1390-9)
 Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Business and Economics, “Mysterious Socio-Economic Disturbances and Cyclical Fluctuations”; Cambridge University, UK (ISBN 0-9742114-5-2)
 Accounting and Finance in Transition: London: ACCA/ Greenwich University Press (2005)
 From Negations to Negotiations: Polemics on the Rhetoric of development (ISBN: 9788-1899-20): New Delhi Pragun Recessions: Prospects and Developments; (ISBN: 978-1-60456-866-0): New Jersey, Nova Science Publications
 Contemporary Sociology and Politics Anthologies, Atlantic Publishers, NY
 Strategic Financial Management (Assignments’ Manual for P IV Students) ICMAP
 “Production Technology and Management” Co-authored with Dr. Huda, Published by Huda Publications, Pakistan.
 Writer “Economic Intelligence” – a weekly column in the “Business Recorder”, a national daily having the largest circulation in the financial newspapers in Pakistan.

Honors & Awards
In recognition of the expertise, the Technology Policy and Assessment Center at Georgia Institute of Technology acknowledged the membership in the distinguished ‘panel of international expert’s for Indicators of Technology-based Competitiveness, which is a project of the US National Science Foundation, United States Government (2013 & 2015).
 Appointed as ‘Approved PhD Supervisor’ for Endogenous PhD programs by the Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan (2005)
 Ranked at 2nd Position (Top 20 Percent Authors) in Pakistan by the IDEAS/ REPEC- an internationally recognized think tank to collect and rank the economic research – participated by 40 world leading economic institutions, journals and publishers including MIT, Harvard University, American Economic Association, Centre for Economic Policy Research UK, IMF, World Bank, etc. (2007)
 Included in the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (1995); Rutledge (on behalf of the British Library of political and economic sickness) Vol XLIII;; Prepared with the support of International Committee for Social Sciences Information and Documentation with the assistance of UNESCO;
 Special invitee by ‘Wilson’s Center Washington’ in talk with Mike Pence vice president USA (22 June 2017)
 Special invitee Dutsche Bank’s International Awards in Financial Research Ceremony in Frankfurt University
 Research works have been referred by the reputed authors in their books and articles, and available in all important citation indexes
 Cash award from National Taxation Reforms Commission for contribution in the preparation of Federal Budget 1992-93;


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