Welcome Dr Nishad Navaz

Dr Nishad Navaz
Assistant Professor
Kingdom University, College of Business Administration,
Raffia, Bahrain.

Biography & Research Interest

Welcome Dr Nishad Navaz to Join the Editorial Board of Global Journal of Economics and Business Administration.

“I have a multi-displinary, multi-industry and multi national career profile in academic and industry. I have Undergraduate degree in Economics, Post-graduate degree’s in Master Degree in Human Resources Management (MHRM) MBA [Supply chain management (major) & International Business], Post graduate diploma’s in Post graduate in computer applications(PGDCA) & Post graduate in airlines management(PGDIAM), Research degree’s in MPhil In Human Resource Management System, PhD in Human Resources Information System. Similarly, my career, spanning over 13 years, is multi-faceted covering several management positions in industry, research and academic positions in Bahrain & India. I am the Editor of Asia Pacific Journal of Research of National conference 2013. My research publications are published in esteemed journals, in international and national conferences, Editor in chief, for the Asia Pacific Journal of Research-A Peer reviewed International Journal, India and he has organized various events for faculties and students to make them expertise in their domain and member in various committees in Kingdom University, Bahrain.”

His area of expertise is HRIS, HRMS, Human Resources Management, Knowledge Management, Talent Management, Management Information System and ERP.


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